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How to resolve Canon Printer Error Code e04

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Home users often use Canon inkjet printers as it is robust and provides good printing quality. You can also take photo printouts, images, documents etc with good sharpness. Canon inkjet allows taking printouts in various size pages. When the error code e04 can occur on your Canon printer; it stops printing. Users can try various solutions for troubleshooting the Canon error code.

Common reasons for Canon printer error e04

  1. Your printer is not accepting commands from the PC
  2. Unable to connect with your system
  3. Printhead error
  4. The ink cartridge is empty
  5. Canon printer can’t find the cartridge
  6. Some program or file is interrupting the print process

Resolving Canon printer e04 error code:

Check the printer driver on your PC

When your Canon printer is showing the error e04; check for the printer driver. E04 error occurs when the printer is unable to get the print command. The printer driver is software that communicates between the printer and the system. When the driver is not working properly; the printer will start showing the error codes. Open the Canon printer driver and inspect its files for any kind of damage.

If the file gets corrupted then edit them to repair it. Now you have to give a test print to check. You can use the driver repair tool to fix the files. This third-party tool will run and restore all the corrupted driver files. But using third-party software is not good for security. You can try reinstalling the setup. When your driver gets corrupted then uninstall it. Now install a new Canon printer driver from the web.

Run the printer troubleshooter

Users can get into error code e04 due to any runtime error or when some files are not working properly. When you see the error code on the screen; run the troubleshooter. Open your printer troubleshooter tab and run it. This inbuilt tool will check for corrupted files on the system. If any file is dealing with any error; the printer troubleshooter will resolve it. After repairing the files; you will get the result page. Now give a new test command to your Canon printer and check for the error.

Go for Canon Printer Reset

When you are facing the Canon printer error code e04 after changing some of the settings then you have to revert the changes. Instead of undoing the changes one by one; you can go for a Canon printer reset. Before resetting, remember that all the changes on your settings will disappear. Reconnect Canon printer to the computer. User can reset his Canon printer by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Canon printer and tap the Setup button
  2. Click on the Device settings
  3. Choose the Reset Settings option

Hit the Reset All button and then tap on the Yes button. Your default settings of the Canon printer will get restored. Now connect your Canon printer to the device and take the printouts. 

Check the printhead of the Canon device

Your printer can show an error code when the printhead is showing some error. The printhead can get clogged or get issues in moving properly. When the printer is not cleaned for a long time; the printhead gets clogged. Dried ink clogs the printhead and the printer gets into error. You have to clean the printhead of Canon.

Open the utility tool and select the phone option. The utility tool will clean the printhead automatically. If the printhead is broken then get a new one for the system. Also, check the printer fuser. Due to overheating; the printer fuser shows error. Shut down the Canon printer for some time until it cools down. Now restart it and try to take printouts.

Check the ink level

Error code e04 can appear when the ink cartridge is empty. You have to get a new cartridge for your printer. Never purchase third-party cartridges. Instead of this, you can get good quality ink. Refilling ink is cheaper than purchasing a cartridge. Refill the ink and then reinsert the cartridge. When the ink level is not low then check for the contacts.

Users can get the error when Canon pins are not touching the cartridge contacts. Reinstall your cartridge on the Canon and then try printing a document. Users can also ask the Canon technical support for resolving error code e04.

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