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How to Prevent Air Pollution from Ruining Your Promotional Stickers for Cars

by Kashif Khan
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While there are countless ways to promote brands, the most effective ones are always very simple and cost-effective. Vehicle marketing is one such marketing technique. Do you ever wonder how many people stare at your car every day? If you drive hundreds of miles every month, your car will be seen by thousands of people.

If you attach custom-printed stickers for cars on your vehicles’ bonnets, doors, windows, etc. – thousands will see them every day. By custom printing your brand’s name, details, offers, and marketing messages on such stickers, you can get amazing brand exposure. However, there’s one problem with this rather efficient form of marketing – air pollution.

Air Pollution and Vehicle Marketing 

With great custom stickers, every company vehicle you own can become a mobile billboard. You can showcase these stickers (i.e., your marketing messages) to thousands of target shoppers, leaving lasting brand impressions. But, if you drive through multiple streets every day, your vehicle will encounter a lot of air pollution.

Currently, 40% of the US population lives in regions with unhealthy levels of air pollution. Air pollution causes asthma, stroke, and other heart diseases to the people who reside in these places. Vehicle marketers may not have to encounter this air pollution first-hand because they’ll be seated inside their cars. But, their promotional stickers will experience air pollution.

If you buy car stickers made of vinyl, air pollution won’t cause extensive harm. That’s because vinyl is an ultra-durable material that’s crack and sunlight-resistant. Heat and air pollution won’t crack or fade your vinyl stickers. But, a lot of dirt, soot, and other dirt will accumulate on the surfaces of your stickers.

How to keep your precious branded stickers clean?

Don’t worry. Vinyl is water-resistant and washable. Use the following steps to prevent air pollution from ruining your promotional stickers –

  • Daily Handwashing: Vinyl stickers can be washed regularly. Just use mild, chemical-free detergents and soft sponges to wash away all the dirt on the stickers’ surfaces. Do this every day to avoid permanent staining. Also, dry the stickers properly to prevent soap/water spots.
  • Strategic Parking: Although vinyl stickers are water and sun-resistant, storing them in shaded areas is always the safer option. Avoid exposing the stickers to unnecessary air pollution or sunlight damage. Always store the vehicles in cool, shaded spots when they’re not in use. 
  • Avoid Polishing or Waxing: Uninstall the stickers every time you send your vehicles for polishing or waxing. That’s because cars undergo rigorous buffing during these processes. This can fade the stickers and make them look unappealing.
  • On-the-Spot Cleaning: There are some situations where your vehicle stickers will need instant cleaning. If gasoline or other harmful chemicals drop on your stickers, clean the mess as quickly as possible. If these chemicals dry up on your stickers’ surfaces, you’ll have to scrub very hard to remove them. This scrubbing can further damage your stickers. So, don’t let harsh stains on your stickers dry. Rub or wash them off as quickly as possible.

Use this guide to keep your custom vehicle stickers safe from air pollution.

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