How To Install ARP Headlights is a frequently asked question by truckers, car owners, or anybody having a light on their vehicle. An efficient truck or car should have headlights with proper reflectors. This helps in reducing glaring issues, especially at night. How To Install ARP Headlights can also be found on the Internet. Here is some information on 7.3 Head studs.

All trucks, cars and even SUV’s have headlights that are standard. However, there are specific ones made for a certain make and model. The most popular one is the round glass. You can also find halogen lights, which are nice. In any case, you need to know how to install them.

How To Install ARP Headlights

To start off, get a good knowledge of installation. You need to have a detailed understanding of installation. There are several steps involved. First, you need to identify the power source and the ground. Then you need to install the light in the ceiling or on the roof.

Mounting Points

After this is done, identify the mounting points of the light and mount them properly. Remember to secure all mounting points properly or else you may experience leakage of light. After you have mounted the light correctly, test it by looking inside and out. Make sure that the light bulbs are not leaking. If they are leaking, you need to replace them.

Now it is time to identify where the mounting screws are. You need these screws to mount the light bulbs. Once you have done this, tighten them using the right torque. Loose threads could result in light leakage. You can do the test again by looking inside and out.

Vehicle’s Roof

The last step is to install the arperests. Arperests are screwed into the vehicle’s roof via roof trusses. They are usually installed on the inside rear of the door. The studs that are installed are the front ones.

Once you are done, tighten the screws again. Make sure that you also screw the light into the vehicle’s roof. Once everything is done, test it by looking inside and out. You need to make sure that the light shines through the holes. Otherwise, you might need to replace the light bulb.

Online Stores

Knowing how to install arp lights will help you replace your own lights at home. This is especially helpful when you live in areas with harsh weather conditions. This will prevent you from spending money for new lights every year. Aside from this, you do not have to go through the trouble of shopping for them since you can simply buy them at automotive stores or even online. In fact, there are even some online stores that offer free delivery and discounts.

To begin, you must turn off the car and locate the vehicle’s rear side. It is usually attached behind the headlights. Locate the screw that is in the center under the car. It will be easier to find if you face forwards.

Next Step for Installation

The next step is to locate the hole that is left over where the light will be attached. This is usually a plastic or metal plate. Place the screw that is in the center in the hole and screw it into place. Before tightening the screw, slip it under the cover of the light to see what the effect will be. Make sure that it is snug enough and fixed firmly.

When you know how to install the light, attach the cable or plug to the same spot where you fastened the screws. Then attach the arbor cover and turn on the main light. Turn it on to see whether the light works or not. If not, replace the bulb. You can then proceed to repeat the same process on the other bulbs.


When installing the lights, remember to follow the instructions carefully. The installation is quite easy, as long as you have a good handbook to follow along. And you also need to pay attention to the proper way to install and headlamps as mentioned above.


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