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How To Get Customers To Take Your Cold Calls

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Last modified on April 23rd, 2022 at 6:14 pm

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Real estate is a tricky business, and it is made more challenging by cold calling and regulations that might automatically present your number as a spam caller. The best way to avoid the spam caller monicker is to strategize your cold calling efforts and focus on the callers who want to hear from you. While real estate cold calling services can help, there are several principles you need to understand that will help as well. 

What Is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is the process of making unsolicited phone calls to prospects. It is common in sales, but it can feel overwhelming to newer salespersons, especially with the number of rejections they are bound to experience with traditional cold calling strategies. 

For better outcomes, a salesperson should create a sales pitch, obtain dialer software, and prepare themselves for the “no.” Having the proper tools and forethought should help stave off fatigue and anxiety. 

Why Timing Is Important

Many real estate agents who make their own cold calls choose to call at their convenience, like during lunch or first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, a strategy that favors your personal schedule is likely to fail. According to the Keller Center, the best time to cold-call real estate clients is between 10 am and 2 pm. While this might not be the most convenient time for you, it is shown to be the most suitable for prospective clients. 

Why You Should Use a Curated List

Another common mistake of newer high-volume callers is using randomized lists or phone numbers. Using random numbers is a surefire way to maximize failure and get your number listed as a potential spammer. Instead, you want to use a curated list or a targeted list. Some websites and services can help you identify a focused list of prospects to improve your odds of success, meaning your phone calls might result in more yeses than nos. 

How a Sales Dialer Can Help

A sales dialer is a specialized tool meant to save you time and energy. How often do you make sales calls that are directed to voicemail or ignored? A sales dialer helps by only connecting you to clients who are ready to talk. You cannot afford to waste time hand dialing multiple numbers with only a tiny fraction going through to an actual client. Use a professional service for better results. 

Real estate cold calling is one of the most challenging aspects of the job because it can become a soul-crushing and productivity-stealing endeavor. For your survival in the industry, you must make contact with several potentially lucrative contacts per day. Using tools like sales dialers can help you have a more productive and satisfying workday.  

If you are new to cold calling, do not let the pressure get to you; understand that the majority of calls will likely end in “no.” However, talk to an experienced agent or a batch dialing service to help speed up the process toward “yes.” 

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