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How to Deal with Carpenter Ants in Toronto?

by Jackson Kevin
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Ants are not the kind of creatures one wants to live with. They can be aggressive at times, damage your property, and contaminate food. Moreover, they are challenging to get rid of permanently from your home when they are outnumbered. However, we can take necessary precautions to ensure our homes remain safe from ant infestation or use effective methods to kill them. Carpenter ants in Toronto are dangerous ant species as they are wood destroyers and probably the most difficult to get exterminated. Before we tell what you can do naturally to take care of these, let us have a look at some information about these ants:

Carpenter Ants:-

Carpenter ants are black in colour or reddish-brown, and their length varies from 0.75 to 0.50 inches. They are similar to termites because they are wood destroyers. These ants are not termites as they infest wood to make a nest rather than consuming it. They infest moist and warm wood located near food and water sources for their survival. Usually, sugar, fruit juice, honey, and cake attract these species. Meat and fish containing proteins may also attract these ants.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants:-

Here are three simple remedies to get rid of these ants naturally:

  1. Lemon Juice and Water: Carpenter ants, like other ants, do not like the smell of lemon. Thus, you can mix some lemon juice with the water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the possible entry points from where carpenter ants are likely to invade homes to keep them away.
  1. Boric Acid Bait: Boric acid is a natural mineral to eliminate ants. You can either mix it with sugar or protein-based meat to make a boric acid bait. Carpenter ants will get attracted to it owing to the presence of sugar or protein in your bait and take it to their nest, where ants will get killed eventually with boric acid, a slow-acting poison for ants.
  1. Diatomaceous Earth: Food-grade diatomaceous earth is a natural powder to eliminate carpenter ants. You can disseminate diatomaceous earth on the infested area; the effects of this natural powder will cause the insects to dry out and die in the end with the loss of their body oil and fats. 

Why Should You Rely on Pest Control Professionals in Toronto for Carpenter Ant Control?

The above natural remedies may work for you if utilized with care; however, the best and the right way for ant control in Toronto is consulting a pest control service. Once you call them, they will pay a visit to your home and inspect the extent of the infestation. Afterward, they will act and get rid of ants from your home with your permission. Pest control experts will also ensure that they use humane ant control methods and assure you that these insects won’t return to your home in the warranty period.


Carpenter ants in Toronto are one of the most challenging pests to get rid of. These ants infest wood in homes and make their nests near food and water sources. You can utilize some natural remedies to exterminate carpenter ants from your home. If you fail to do so, you should consult pest control professionals to exterminate these ants for good from your home.

If you want to learn about controlling pests and dealing with them, you should feel free to contact Pesticon (, a pest control company, an expert at pest control in Toronto, Kitchener, Guelph, and Cambridge.

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