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How Does Ethical Hacking Work?

by Talha Seo
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Last modified on March 8th, 2024 at 10:39 am

Companies rely on data and a running server and must keep this data secure and the server running online to support its work and ensure that services aren’t interrupted. Imagine if someone outside the company took control of how things work in a company because they have access to the database. Imagine if this stranger is a cybercriminal. No company wants to be in such a situation, so it must take precautions. This process is called ethical hacking, a type of cyber security. This article introduces the concept and explains how it works. 

What is Ethical Hacking? 

Ethical hacking is a strategy for testing a company’s computer network to see if there are vulnerabilities. The two words’ ethical’ and ‘hacking’ are the opposite of prevention processes against what is known as hacking. Hacking is famous as a dangerous or criminal activity through which a person tries to control or access an organization’s computer network illegally. This is often called a ‘black hat,’ while ethical hacking is called a ‘white hat.’

Organizations or computer network owners usually authorize or permit ethical hacking to prevent real criminals. An offency security expert perform ethical hacking. They aim to protect the organization’s property or network from real criminals or malicious hackers. So, they usually create ways and attempt to access the computer network, like a criminal, to see and test how secure the system is from the outside. Before doing their jobs, these professionals need permission from the organization or someone in charge of the computer network. Without the required permission, they won’t proceed because it means they are not following the rules or staying true to the purpose of their job. 

Fundamental Process of Ethical Hacking

Usually, professional security experts will follow these four things tips to perform security assessments: 

Follow the Law and Tell the Company The Steps 

They must obey the law. First, the computer network owner must be aware of the assessment. Otherwise, it’s just old-fashioned hacking. They will explain their process and what procedures they want to take. The company will grant permission for every aspect of the process before the ethical hackers proceed. 


They must disclose all the details or things they discover to the proprietor of the network or organization. It is an essential part of their job to provide a detailed report to the owners after assessments, good or bad. 

Data Privacy 

Protecting the data of company users or customers is part of the ethical hacking procedure. There should be no data breach during the process. 

Common Benefits of Testing Your Network Regularly

Ethical hacking is carried out to ensure the company continues to conduct its operations securely without interference, breaches, or attacks. Ethical hacking ensures that no one without access can control the computer networks. Therefore, it prevents unauthorized activities of any kind. A professional security expert ensures a company’s network is safe. They indirectly or directly prevent some risks the company may face, such as losing money, data breaches, lawsuits that might follow, or the end of the company’s operations in the worst case. You can get more information on how to handle the assessment at

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