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How Does a Criminal Lawyer Differ From Other Lawyers?

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The law is one of the finest inventions created in modern society, and yet it’s something that most people don’t understand. The law prevents society from becoming a jungle or a survival of the fittest type scenario. However, understanding and knowing local laws is integral, and getting an ally for any problem is equally important. There are countless different kinds of lawyers, some of which are more famous than others, but the most popular type, thanks to countless movies and TV shows glamorizing their craft, are criminal lawyers. However, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding their job, so keep reading to find out what you’ll need to know.

1. Legal Representation in Criminal Cases

One of the biggest differentiating criminal lawyers from most other types is their specialization in criminal law. This results in an entirely different type of clientele and other experiences that most lawyers never get to have. While other fields of law specialize in things like contracts or corporate infrastructure, criminal lawyers know the justice system inside and out and have to counsel potential felons daily. They’re more used to pressure due to increased cases going to trial and the stakes involved since their clients’ lives could be ruined due to a lousy plea deal or a guilty verdict.

2. Understanding of Criminal Law Procedures

Criminal lawyers have to navigate one of the most unique and stressful fields of the law daily, and in doing so, they develop a strong understanding of criminal law procedures, some of which differ from state to state. For example, if you’re facing charges in Tennessee, you may want to get a Knoxville criminal lawyer¬†because a local lawyer will know what the procedures in Knoxville are. They’ll be able to call witnesses, effectively interview them, cross-examine them, and successfully set up a chain of evidence or poke holes in the prosecution’s case, all of which could turn the tide in the defendant’s favor.

3. Knowledge and Protection of Constitutional Rights

Each country’s constitution has been set up to protect its citizens’ basic rights, and the United States’s constitution, in particular, is a massive landmark in international law and has served as a template for countless others around the world. These texts set up indisputable rights for their citizens, which cannot be argued or intruded upon. While common citizens aren’t aware of this, criminal lawyers are, and they can help even ordinary people escape sticky situations thanks to certain rights they have, like freedom of speech or the Fifth Amendment, which prevents you from giving testimony that incriminates you.

4. Negotiating Plea Deals

Most cases never end up going to trial. Trials cost time and money for the court and the prosecutors and slow down the speed of justice while getting a guilty verdict in a trial can have massive consequences for defendants. This is why, most of the time, plea deals¬†are preferred since they’re faster, easier, and potentially safer for defendants. Criminal lawyers are expert negotiators who navigate plea deals while getting their clients the best deal possible. The right lawyer can massively reduce a sentence or even eliminate one.

5. Trial Experience

The last and perhaps most major differentiation is that criminal lawyers have countless hours of trial experience, which isn’t seen in virtually every other field of law. Most lawyers are limited to boardrooms and offices, drawing up contracts and wills and arranging plea deals at worst. However, criminal lawyers often have to go to trial if a plea deal falls through, which it usually does. Criminal lawyers should be skilled, and they’ll be able to defend their clients tirelessly and effectively without buckling under pressure.


The criminal lawyer has become one of the most popular jobs for movies and TV shows to focus on for the past few years, and this has caused countless misconceptions and misinformation to spread surrounding this job. Through no fault of your own, you may have required the help of a criminal lawyer. If this is the case, knowing exactly what their job entails, how they can help you, and where they’re more limited than you may expect is important. If you use the information in this article, you’ll be able to use the services of any criminal lawyer more effectively.

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