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How Businesses Benefit From Smart Contracts

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How Businesses Benefit From Smart Contracts

Ever since Ethereum entered the scene and introduced functional smart contracts back in 2015, blockchain applications within businesses have exploded. If you didn’t know already, a smart contract is a programmed contract containing a set of requirements. Once each requirement is met, the contract is fulfilled. When smart contracts are created, they can never be changed, thanks to the power of blockchain, which is a highly secure and decentralized technology. 


Blockchain tech allows smart contracts to be created and locked in place on a ledger, never to be changed. When the criteria are met the transactions are validated by the network, which releases the outcome. With a strong validation process in place, any signs of fraud are picked up and invalidated, rendering them useless. 

All terms of a smart contract are visible to all concerned parties, meaning complete transparency and no opportunities for hidden stipulations. The transparency and term-locking features are the primary reason why the middleman can be eliminated. 

Direct Contact

We all know that cutting out the middleman is much faster and more secure. Smart contracts allow businesses to do just this. Let’s take a look at the real estate industry. When sales are made, there are countless parties involved including brokers, lawyers, and other essential bodies. However, with the support of smart contracts, the need for these parties diminishes. 

Cost Reducing

In traditional contracts, intermediary fees are paid to validate terms and ensure everything is in order. However, given the nature of smart contracts, these fees are eliminated because the smart contract’s outcome can only be released once all terms have been met. 

When businesses process traditional payments, they’re faced with handling fees. However, when they choose to accept cryptocurrency payments, these fees are eliminated. Even if only accepting Bitcoin, smart contracts can be set up thanks to the Taproot update. Once services and contract criteria are fulfilled, client funds can release into your digital wallet, which you can convert into fiat money using  OKX’s Crypto Converter

Higher Speeds

One of the key components of the tech revolution is reducing manual input and saving time. Traditionally, a transaction could take months to complete because of the mountains of paperwork involved. Whereas, smart contracts’ use of ledger technology allows a reduction in paperwork, which takes much less time. With contracts to the internet, smart contracts process at eye-blinking speeds, which helps businesses and customers stay together. 

Trust and Security

High levels of encryption used within blockchains make smart contracts one of the most secure components of the digital world. Alongside the security features, you have trust in the base code, which outlines the terms of the contract. All relevant parties must agree to the base code using a smart contract. Trust and security, in theory, eliminate the need for unnecessary court proceedings resulting from a breach of contract. 


When you take the benefits of smart contracts and hold them up against the cons of traditional contracts, the clear winner will be smart contracts because they plug the gaps and make life easier for all parties.

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