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Helpful Blogging Tips: WordPress vs. ClickFunnels

by Abdus Subhan
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Last modified on February 26th, 2024 at 10:41 am

Various platforms now exist, and they are available everywhere. People and business owners who want to establish their online and digital presence have so many options for creating landing pages, content, and websites. However, what’s going to stand out, and which ones are going to bring them the best results that they are looking for? 

Pre-designed templates are often the best way to go when you want to focus more on sales and your website. It’s often going to help people who are not tech-savvy and even the newbies, and you can find out more about the templates on this page.

It’s going to enhance conversion and lead generation, especially if you need to capture people’s email addresses or other relevant information about them. It’s where ClickFunnels specializes, and it’s the ultimate solution for those who don’t want to build anything from scratch. 

For those who want to focus more on their blogging and website creation, WordPress is the go-to solution for many people. It’s a site provider that offers a wide array of features, and it’s used by many around the world. It’s a software-as-a-service application with lots of plugins, and you can get creative with other additions that you want.

What are the Pricing and Costs to Know in WP?

The technology behind the WordPress platform is free of charge, and others can even start to explore it without paying anything. However, if you want to publish your blogs, you’re required to get a domain name that’s around $20 a year for a .com suffix. It’s typically lower for an alternative, and some experts can offer purchase services if you want. 

Hosting can range from $5 to $100, depending on the features that you want to see. There should be a server that’s near your area with enough resources so you can exceed your current requirements, and this is a must. It’s because when you’re growing your website, you will need to meet the higher demands that are brought by web functions and visitors.  

Paying for themes is also a popular expense in the world of blogging. Of course, this can be optional, but if you’re gunning for a professional-looking website and you’re focusing on a single niche, then this is a customization that you don’t want to miss. There are pre-installed functions and premium ones that will be suitable for your industry, and a developed layout can cost around $20 to $70.

Plug-ins can also be bypassed, but it’s a different ball game if you need better security and speed beyond a standard blogging website. There are a lot of choices, but the reputable developers are often in the form of WPRocket and WooCommerce. These are recurring costs that you should pay for if you want your website to remain compatible and up to date with the latest WordPress version. 

Finally, the development that’s going to cost you more than a thousand dollars each month. Running a website can be a very steep curve for many people, and you need to get the backend and the front end done right for the first time. You may be expected to pay at least $3,000, but the annual payments can be lower when you’ve already established the features that you need because some are going to require a one-off.

ClickFunnels Costs and Plans

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There are discounted rates when you know where to go, and the pricing can be billed annually or every month. You can know more about the comparison between Wordpress vs Clickfunnels by clicking the link provided. There are features where you can get unlimited email sequences, workflows, products, and pages. There are three courses, one admin, 10,000 contacts, and a thousand students with basic analytics inclusion.

Basic plans can be around $1524 each year or when you opt for a monthly contract, the price is around $1764. Domain purchases can also be around $20, but the beauty of Clickfunnels is that that’s all there is to pay for without needing any development costs, plugins, and hosting. While you may be paying monthly, remember that ClickFunnels is going to be your one-stop-shop and everyday solution where you don’t have to go through a lot of tools and websites to create funnels.

Ease-of-Use Comparison for the Two of Them

A factor that many business owners consider when choosing tools and platforms is the user-friendly interface of the website. Typically, they prefer a learning curve that’s easier to grasp and one that they can understand after a day or two of exploring the site. Some of the details for the two are discussed below.

Usability of the WordPress

Creating blogs and basic websites will mean that WordPress is your go-to provider when needed. It’s just going to allow you to edit media, posts, and other pages without you needing to study years of coding and tech. However, setups can be too much, especially, in the beginning, because you will need guidance for the plugins and themes. Find info about plugins at this link:

For the core settings, there’s a block editor feature that can help you gain traction on your project. Integrated tools might be required, but you will have better flexibility especially if you’ve mastered the drag-and-drop feature of the website. There are visual page builders, but some can be quite challenging, so you need to take the time to learn more about how they work.

What about the ClickFunnels?

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With the interface that comes with the drag-and-drop feature, it can be intuitively easy for this site. This is a platform that goes with the pre-built funnels with a wide range of templates available, and you’ll have the opportunity to create a more tailored solution according to your needs. It’s also going to provide you with a visual editor that doesn’t require coding knowledge at all.

Most of the emails, funnel builders, and e-commerce are already built into the plan that you’ve just purchased, and this is a better comparison than having to figure out which features and buttons are going to work together and not cause any problems. 

Customizing your Needs

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You wouldn’t want your site to look like just everybody else and you will need it to become tailored and customized according to your current needs. In this regard, you’ll have a lot of free themes with WordPress with limitless designs, extendibility, and customizations that are all according to your needs. There are also premium themes that you may initially think to be expensive, but they are often worth it.

For WP, the users can utilize over fifty thousand plugins that include e-commerce, social media, and forms, and you can choose a color that’s unique to your website. Those who have the proper coding skills can make tweaks to the next level and make their website stand out from the crowd through PHP and CSS.

There are also CMS features in WordPress where the editor can let you schedule posts in advance. This is going to be integrated with social media sharing plugins, where you’ll be able to analyze your site performance and increase your presence in social media.

For Clickfunnels, it can be much more limited because you’re going to rely on pre-built templates to come up with a more uniform look. However, there can be a good side to this because they’ve built, a lot of tools spanning CRMs and funnel building, so it’s like you don’t have anything to work on with – you’re just restricted with options. Payment processors can also be integrated, but since this is an ecosystem of its own, expect that there can be sparsity in your selections. 

Publishing for Clickfunnels is going to help you create articles and publish them in a simple interface. For security, you can expect that the team from the platform will handle everything, including the two-factor authentication and SSL encryption. This helps the web data to be more secure and you’ll have peace of mind, especially if you’re looking for a very reliable platform.

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