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Are You Frustrated For Your Visitor Visa Denial? Look At Its Refusal Reasons

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It will be very devastating news to hear that your planned Australian trip will not be possible because of the visa refusal or rejection. Though it is frustrating, you will still have some options left. You can make another application for the same Visitor Visa, or you can go for a different type.
If you want to choose the reapplication option, you have to recognize the reasons first. Once you know these reasons, you can avoid these issues to prevent another visa refusal. But, you can do it only if the Immigration Department allows you to do so. You can also apply for a review of the decision to the AAT or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. However, the AAT may take a long time to process your request, maybe around 12 to 18 months, based on the type of the case.

The Visitor Visa Subclass 600 is among the most popular visas that are applied every year. So, you should be very careful about these common mistakes we discuss here.You Should Not Be From Any High-Risk Country

Your visa assessment will be done based on your home country. If you are from any high-risk country, facing a visa application rejection is not unnatural. Another point is essential to note here. You should choose the correct visitor visa type. Each visa category has a unique subclass number, like Electronic Transfer Authority Visa Subclass 601. A person from a high-risk country will not be eligible to apply for this visa.
Moreover, if you choose the wrong subclass, your visa will also be rejected. So, it is always recommended that you consult with a registered visa consultant in Adelaide. MAA can help you with this purpose.

If You Have Any Previous Records Of Visa Refusal, You May Not Receive Your Visitor Visa

Another crucial part of the visa assessment is your previous visa application records. If you have plans to revisit Australia in the future, you should satisfy all the necessary conditions for the Visa Subclass 600. If there is any history of visa refusal or you have not fulfilled all the requirements, your visa will be refused. Few visa conditions include no further stay once the visa expires, no work, and no study while staying. You may face a 3-year suspension if you overstay.

Inconsistency In The Application

You may think filling out the application form to be very easy. But, if there is any inconsistency, your visa will get rejected. Not only that, you cannot even appeal the Department’s decision. It is also better to consult with a registered visa agent of Adelaide, and MAA is always there to help you.

Lack Of Sufficient Evidence In The Application

It is a very common reason behind the refusal of a 600 Visa application. You should meet all the eligibility requirements to get your visa in time. One of the pieces of evidence you have to show is having adequate funds to support yourself during the whole stay. Alternatively, you may have a sponsor who can provide financial support during your stay in Australia.
Another piece of evidence you have to show is your genuineness as a tourist. It should state that you will be returning to your home country once your Australian trip ends. Most of the tourist visas get cancelled due to a lack of this evidence. So, you should provide enough proof to convince the Department that you will be visiting Australia for valid reasons and returning to your home country after the trip ends. Your liabilities to return to your home country may be family ties, employment, and valuable assets.

You Should Not Submit Any False Document

False and misleading documents will instantly result in visa application rejection. Moreover, you will get a 3-year suspension. It is highly illegal to supply misleading documents, which will ruin your chance of making any application in the future.

You Should Be Able To Satisfy All The Health Requirements

  • The Australian Government is very strict about maintaining a high health standard. And for a successful visa application, you should prove to the Department that you will not pose any risk to the Australian Public and Community health and safety.
  • Heart ailments or diabetic conditions will not be any problem for a visa application. But they will indeed consider if your health condition costs significantly in healthcare or community service. If you are diagnosed with any of the diseases like HIV infection, renal failure or disease, intellectual impairment, functional impairment, or cancer, you will not receive the visa.
  • The Department’s primary concern is centered on highly contagious diseases, like tuberculosis, measles outbreaks, HIV and hepatitis, polio, yellow fever, and Ebola virus disease (EVD).
  • Suppose you contact any of these diseases or have come in contact with any person having a contagious disease. In that case, the Department will not permit you to visit Australia until the recommended treatment is done and you have got a favorable report of the retesting.

You Should Meet All The Character Requirements

Meeting all the character requirements is very crucial for the Australian Visa Subclass 600. Character is one of the main aspects that the Department of Immigration will assess. The Department will check if there are any past criminal records of yours, not only in Australia but also in any other country you have stayed or visited. You will also need to sit in the character test and convince the government that you will obey all the rules and laws of the country. The government wants to be absolutely sure that the person is not a threat to Australian public life. If you fail the character test or hide any truth, you will receive a visa rejection.

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Where To Get Help From?

The best Migration Agent in Adelaide has been providing excellent services to people seeking visas. For any help regarding the application or appeal to the AAT in case of any refusal, you can contact their registered immigration agent in Adelaide.

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