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Experience Top-Quality Restaurant Food Delivery on Train Journey with Zoop

by Abdus Subhan
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Train journeys are a great way to travel, but they can be tiring and boring without any good food options. Thankfully, Zoop is here to solve that problem by offering top-quality restaurant food delivery right to your train seat. In this article, we will explore how Zoop works and why it is a game-changer for train travelers.

Zoop is a Food Delivery in Train service that specializes in delivering restaurant-quality meals to train passengers. They partner with top-rated restaurants in different cities to offer a wide range of cuisines to their customers. Zoop’s goal is to make train travel more comfortable and enjoyable by providing passengers with delicious food options.

How does Zoop work?

Zoop’s IRCTC e-Catering service is easy to use. Here are the steps to follow:

Visit Zoop’s website or download their app.

Enter your PNR number, train name, and seat number.

Choose from the list of restaurant partners in the city where your train will make a stop.

Select your meal and add it to the cart.

Pay online through the secure payment gateway.

Sit back and relax, your food will be delivered to your seat.

How many top restaurants are connected with zoop

Zoop partners with a wide range of top-rated restaurants in different cities to offer Food Delivery in Train a variety of cuisines to its customers. The number of restaurant partners may vary depending on the city and availability, but Zoop generally has several restaurant partners in each city where they operate. Zoop had partnerships with over 500 restaurants across 40 cities in India. However, it’s important to note that these numbers may have changed since then, as Zoop continues to expand its operations and partner with more restaurants.

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Zoop is a game-changer for train travelers for several reasons. 

Restaurant-quality food: Train food is notoriously bad, and passengers often have to make do with stale sandwiches and over cooked meals. Zoop changes that by offering restaurant-quality Food Delivery in Train that is fresh and delicious.

Convenience: With Zoop, passengers no longer have to rely on the limited food options available on the train. They can choose from a variety of cuisines and have their meals delivered right to their seat.

Time-saving: Zoop’s food delivery service saves time by eliminating the need to get off the train and look for food options. Passengers can order their meals from the comfort of their seat and have them delivered without any hassle.

Hygiene: Train food is often prepared in unhygienic conditions, which can lead to food poisoning and other health issues. Zoop’s restaurant partners follow strict hygiene standards, ensuring that passengers receive safe and healthy meals.

Wide range of options: Zoop partners with a wide range of restaurants in different cities, offering passengers a variety of  Food booking in train options. Whether you’re in the mood for Indian, Chinese, or Italian food, Zoop has got you covered.

Some Advantages you can get from zoop 

Customizable meals: Zoop understands that different people have different dietary requirements and preferences. That’s why they offer customizable meals that cater to specific needs. Passengers can request for vegan, gluten-free, or low-calorie meals, and Zoop’s restaurant partners will prepare them accordingly.

24/7 customer support: Zoop’s customer support team is available round-the-clock to assist passengers with their orders. If there are any issues or concerns with the delivery, passengers can reach out to Zoop’s customer support team for assistance.

Discounts and offers: Zoop frequently offers discounts and special offers to its customers. Passengers can save money on their meals by checking for the latest deals and coupons on Zoop’s website or app.

Feedback system: Zoop values feedback from its customers and uses it to improve its service. Passengers can rate their meals and provide feedback on the delivery experience, which helps Zoop to identify areas for improvement.


Zoop is a game-changer for train travelers who want to enjoy delicious Food Delivery in Train during their journey. With its restaurant-quality food, convenience, time-saving, hygiene, and wide range of options, Zoop is revolutionizing the way people think about train travel. 

Zoop is a top-quality restaurant food delivery service that is transforming the train travel experience. With its convenience, restaurant-quality food, customizable meals, 24/7 customer support, discounts and offers, feedback system, and social responsibility, Zoop offers a unique and enjoyable dining experience to train passengers. So the next time you’re planning a train journey, be sure to check out Zoop and experience top-quality restaurant food delivery on the go.

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