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Everything you need to know about plastic surgery

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plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is defined as surgery of the skin and soft, non-visceral tissues. But what is the difference with cosmetic surgery? In fact, plastic surgery encompasses cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Explanations.

Cosmetic surgery brings a transformation in a perspective of beautification for the physical and psychological well-being of the person concerned. While reconstructive surgery, it will rather serve to repair a defect or a pathology (congenital malformation, bites, burns, breast reconstruction following a mastectomy, etc.) Considered as therapeutic, reconstructive surgery is supported, unlike the cosmetic surgery . Zoom on the different types of plastic surgery interventions.

Plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes

This type of intervention does not result from a pathology or sequelae. It is therefore only considered for the sake of perfection of appearance. It can be considered to modify different parts of the body.

– Correct baldness

Baldness is particularly badly felt and badly experienced in both men and women. Currently, four types of techniques are used to correct baldness, micro grafts, flaps, tonsure reduction and scalp lift.

– Wrinkles

It is often difficult to accept your first wrinkles. Cosmetic surgery can correct or slow down aging. Aesthetic operations will make it possible to obtain a rejuvenating effect. Whether for the facelift, hyaluronic acid injections or even tensor threads find all the details of these operations in our dedicated sheets.

– The nose

If it is the disfigurement of the silhouette that bothers you, you can also easily correct them. If you find that your nose is not in harmony with your face, you can erase the imperfections of it with a rhinoplasty , whether it is to modify the bridge of your nose, the shape of the nostrils or the tip of the nose. nose. We advise you on the good and bad reasons for a nose operation.

– Silhouette

If you want to be slimmer with cosmetic surgery, various operations exist depending on your goal. Generally, following one or more pregnancies, the skin becomes distant and it becomes more difficult to get rid of extra pounds. To firm the belly, cosmetic surgery suggests the use of an abdominoplasty . If you only want to remove excess fat from localized areas, opt for liposuction .

– Breasts

Breast surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic operations boob job with insertion of breast implants, breast reduction. However, be careful not to have an operation from unauthorized hospital.

Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery is one of the specializations of plastic surgery. As its name suggests, it corrects or reconstructs a damaged area of ​​the body. It therefore has a medical purpose unlike cosmetic surgery.

It includes interventions such as:

– Tumors of the skin and soft tissues

– Infections

– Scars recovery

– Reconstruction and change in appearance

– Care for burns

– Craniofacial surgery

– Hand surgery

The purpose of these reconstructions or improvements in appearance is to restore a “normal” appearance to a specific area. Reconstructive surgery will make it possible, for example, to correct a malformation or to use it for facial repair after trauma.

This type of surgery also includes reconstruction of a breast after mastectomy (as part of the treatment of breast cancer), the correction of breast enlargement but also of breast ptosis . Finally, in special cases, it can be used following an abdominal deformity caused by pregnancy, significant weight loss, etc.

The plastic surgeon is a surgeon who is therefore qualified both in cosmetic surgery and in reconstructive surgery if this specialty has been chosen by the latter. The cosmetic surgeon practices as well in clinic, in hospital or in his private practice. To choose your surgeon and be sure of his skills in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery, you can contact the National Council of Physicians or the Council of the Order in your region.

Take care, if you have a surgical operation, to understand the risks associated with the operation. This type of surgery therefore has a wide range of skills and is involved in many operations with two different objectives.

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