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Everything to Know About User Session Recording Software

by Syed Qasim
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Nowadays, a business’s success has become synonymous with the success of its website. Unlike in the past, when websites were a mere afterthought, they are now the primary medium for interaction with customers – an all-encompassing space that facilitates sales, marketing, and public relations endeavors. One of the biggest reasons for the proliferation of websites and their popularity among the masses is the convenience offered by the process. After countless iterations, online shopping platforms have been perfected. Therefore, people are more likely to buy online than venturing out for the same. Hence, companies have started focusing more and more on understanding customer behavior, so that they can align their website as per customer interest. And what better way to do that than recording user sessions by leveraging cutting-edge visitor recording software?

What is User Session Recording Software?

In essence, a user session recording software is a tool that allows you to see what users are clicking on, where they are spending time, and what they are reading. Therefore, an entrepreneur can draw a complete picture of user behavior, understanding what is working and what is failing to inspire interest. After careful evaluation, it is easy to change certain things on your website and replace them with other text, images, and videos that are likely to attract customer attention and incentivize them to take action.

Does User Session Recording Software Compromise User Security?

Considering that every action gets recorded, one may believe that user security and privacy would be compromised with the implementation of user session recording software. Therefore, it is important to put the minds of users at ease by showing them your privacy policy that clearly states the safety of their data. A promise never to share user data with any third party is essential to foster customer trust. 

What can User Session Recording Software Capture?

Website session recording software can capture a wide range of details including:

· Mouse movements, click and scrolls

· Screen resizing done by the user

· Page refreshes and movement to a new page

· User interaction with forms on your website

· Average number of page views during a session

All the abovementioned details might not look much on the surface, but they do provide important insights that can completely change your perspective about your website. For instance, if you believed your website was easy to navigate but saw users struggling to reach their intended destination, you will understand that navigation should be improved. Such critical insights can work wonders and help you maximize conversions by addressing the key areas that are impacting your visitors’ experience.

Other Crucial Things Captured by User Session Recording Software

Apart from the details mentioned above, you also get access to important details like gender, OS used by the visitor, the time at which the user started browsing the website, and many other vital pieces of information. When you constantly receive crucial updates about your users’ behavior and activity patterns, it becomes easier to customize your website according to their preferences. You can also run interesting promotional campaigns by utilizing the invaluable information proactively. For instance, if you know that your users are reading certain blogs and clicking on links to learn more about certain things, you can start a promotional campaign with some discount to incentivize them to buy the products they are looking for. As a result, you can maximize your sales and earn additional revenue, all thanks to the power of user session recording software.

The Killer Advantages of User Session Recording Software for Evolving and Established Businesses

Whether your business is already prospering, or you are a new entrant in the market looking to maximize sales, you can benefit tremendously by leveraging the various features offered by a user session recording tool. Below are some killer advantages of this software that can enhance the quality of your website and take your business to the next level:

Become Customer-Centric Immediately

Some companies keep on languishing, not because of a lack of effort but their inability to read their customers. Therefore, they keep on operating by using obsolete business models that fail to garner customer interest. However, by making a single investment in User Session Recording software, these companies can change the way they operate completely. These companies can become customer-centric and immediately start resonating with the people they are selling to, making them an instant hit with the target audience. 

Visualize Customer Journey Completely

In the past, the best way to visualize a customer journey was mostly based on guesswork. Not anymore though! With the power of the best session replay tool at your disposal, everything is in front of you and you have complete visibility into the customer journey. Such clarity of vision allows you to pinpoint your failure points concerning customers. You can see and understand what is clicking with the customer and what is faltering miserably. You no longer have to guess why customers are not buying after spending large amounts of time on a particular page.  For instance, you immediately get to learn whether it is the slow loading time or a lack of information preventing conversion. And, you can remedy that quickly and then see how customers behave the next time they visit your website.

Get New Leads in Real Time

If you are selling a high-value product, you need to have your eyes on the ball all the time when a customer visits. With the best session replay software, you get to know about the time at which visitors are frequenting your website. It helps you tend to promising and new sales leads at crucial junctures and maximize the chances of conversion.

Final Thoughts

In the physical world, it is a well-known fact that the better you know your customers, the better you can tend to their needs and convert them. The same is true for the virtual world, however, it was impossible to know your customers’ behavior patterns until recently. But with the advent of top user session recording software solutions like Busatools, you can learn exactly what your customers are doing when they visit your website. It gives you an edge when it comes to sales lead conversion and enhances overall customer experience. 

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