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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) refers to any manufacturer of electrical or electronic equipment’s responsibility for e-waste channelization and environmentally sound waste disposal. Extended Producer Responsibility may involve implementing a take-back system, establishing collection centers, or both, as well as reaching out to an EPR Authorization dismantler or recycler, either individually or collectively.

The essential requirements are the proper channeling of e-waste in an environmentally responsible manner. This registration is required for any producer selling the following or related electronic items: Personal computer, Laptop, and their components, Battery, Chargers, Minicomputer, Mainframe, Facsimile, LED TV, LED parts, Air conditioners, and their components, Telephone, Smart phone, Feature phone, Washing machine, and Products involving electrical circuits and parts

ERP Registration Procedures

  • In the first phase, the producer or maker, dismantler, recycler, or refurbisher of electrical and electronic equipment must submit an online application with all relevant documentation to the central pollution control board (CPCB) or state pollution control board. You can also submit your application by completing Form-I on paper and attaching the needed documentation. Before submitting your documentation to the CPCB and the state pollution control board, double-check everything.
  • Within 25 days of receiving the application, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and state pollution control boards check and verify the application form and documentation in the second step.
  • If the CPCB and state pollution control boards are happy with the submitted application, which includes the application form, papers, and the extended producer responsibility plan, they give authorization after inspecting and validating the form and documents.


  • Extended Procedure Responsibility (EPR) is primarily concerned with some commodities’ post-consumer phase.
  • It is a policy strategy in which manufacturers are held financially and/or physically responsible for the treatment and disposal of post-consumer products.
  • Assigning such duty may create incentives to prevent waste at the source, promote environmentally friendly product design, and encourage recycling.
  • The Central Pollution Control Board monitors and regulates EPR (CPCB).
  • The corporation must set up and execute a contract with a recycler who will collect waste and deliver it to the department once a quarter.
  • Most important responsibility is Manage Annual Return for financial years to the concerned State Pollution Control Board.

Documents Required for EPR Authorization

The following is a list of documentation that must be submitted to the CPCB in order to obtain EPR authorization:

  • Producers, Manufacturers, Dismantlers, Recyclers, and Refurbishers Details
  • Authorized person’s information
  • Details of Responsibility Organization of the producer
  • For the last ten years, year-by-year details of EEE placed on the market
  • Details on the expected generation of electrical and electronic trash.
  • Details on the waste creation of valuable electrical and electronic equipment.
  • An ERP Plan with Estimated Waste Collection Targets
  • Budget estimate for EPR 
  • MOA
  • Details of projected public awareness campaigns

Details for compliance to Reduction of Hazardous substances (RoHS) (if applicable)

  • Self-declaration on Hazardous Substances Reduction
  • Copies of the collecting centers’ agreements
  • Copies of dismantlers’ or recyclers’ agreements
  • A copy of the license or grant issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) (if applicable)
  • Copies of the treatment storage and disposal facility’s contract (TSDF)
  • A copy of the applicable department’s or ministry’s approval to sell their product
  •  Copy of the Producers Responsibility Organization Agreement (PRO)

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