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English Proficiency on a Budget: Savings on PTE and OET Exam Fees

by Khubaib Rasheeda
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Taking the well-known English proficiency tests before moving abroad doesn’t have to drain your wallet. Whether you’re a professional gearing up for the Pearson Test of English (PTE) or a healthcare worker preparing for the Occupational English Test (OET), there are strategies to prepare effectively without breaking the bank.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to minimise the extra costs associated with PTE exam fees and the costs of taking the OET exams, focusing on affordable online resources and study techniques that offer the most bang for your buck.

Understand the Exam Structures

Before diving into preparation, familiarise yourself with each exam’s format. Both the PTE and OET assess reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, but the questions are designed for different audiences. Understanding the structure will help you pinpoint areas where you need the most practice, saving time and money on unnecessary resources.

Choose the Right Preparation Resources

Begin with investing in the right preparation materials. While official textbooks and courses are valuable, blending the self-study routine while taking these courses will make a significant impact. Fortunately, a wealth of free and affordable resources are available online:

1.   Free Online Resources:

Start with official PTE and OET websites offering sample questions and resources. YouTube channels providing coaching for English proficiency exams can also be a valuable source of tips and practice exercises. While minimising the OET or PTE exam fees is impossible, efforts to utilise free webinars and masterclasses can minimise the course fees.

2.   Library and Second-Hand Books:

Don’t overlook libraries or online marketplaces for used books. Often, you can find recent exam preparation books at a fraction of the cost.

3.   Mobile Apps:

There are numerous apps designed to help improve English proficiency. Many offer free versions that include practice tests, vocabulary exercises, and grammar lessons.

Develop a Study Plan

A structured study plan is your blueprint for success. Allocate time each day for different exam sections, and stick to your schedule. Consistency is key to progress, and by organising your study time, you can avoid last-minute cramming that leads to stress and potentially additional costs if you need to retake the exam.

Leverage Social Learning

Joining online forums and study groups can enhance your learning experience. Engaging with peers who are also preparing for the PTE or online OET exam allows you to share tips, resources, and encouragement. Platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and specific language-learning communities are great places to start.

Focus on Weak Areas

Use diagnostic tests to identify your weak spots early in your preparation. Focusing your efforts on these areas can improve your overall score and reduce the likelihood of having to retake the exam, saving you both time and money.

Practice With Real Exam Materials

Practising with materials that closely mimic the exam format can significantly boost your confidence and competence. Look for online platforms or coaching institutes offering free or low-cost practice tests. These methods can help you get accustomed to the timing and pressure of the actual exam.

Utilise Free Tutorials and Webinars

Many educational websites, particularly coaching websites offering English Proficiency Tests and exam preparation platforms, offer free tutorials and webinars for online OET or PTE exams. These sessions can provide valuable insights into effective study strategies and common mistakes to avoid while preparing for these exams.

Self-Study vs. Paid Courses

While self-study using free resources is the most cost-effective approach, consider investing in a paid course if you struggle in specific areas. Many online courses offer targeted instruction at a lower cost than traditional in-person classes. Look for courses with positive reviews and free trial periods to ensure they meet your needs before committing.

Take Advantage of Early Registration Discounts

Both the PTE and OET occasionally offer discounts for early registration. Keep an eye on their official websites and sign up for newsletters to stay informed about any promotions or discounts which can help lower your exam fees.

Reassess and Adjust Your Study Plan Regularly

Regularly assess your PTE or online OET exam preparation progress and adjust your study plan accordingly. If you find that certain strategies or resources aren’t working for you, don’t hesitate to change your approach. Flexibility in your preparation can save you time and money by focusing your efforts where they’re most needed.


Achieving English proficiency for the PTE or OET doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavour. With the right strategies and resources, you can prepare effectively while keeping costs to a minimum. Remember, the key to success is a combination of smart planning, focused study, and utilising the wealth of affordable resources at your fingertips.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to acing your English proficiency exam without overspending on OET or PTE exam fees.

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