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Effective Ways to Declutter Attic Safely

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Who is not guilty of storing all their junk in the attic? Well, we can’t deny that the attic usually serves as a storeroom, but almost all people hold onto their unnecessary things believing they might need them later and toss them in the attic. And due to this reason, their attic turns into a mess with time.

Even most organized people may sometimes overlook their attic. When you don’t manage this jumble from time to time, you can’t find your stuff when you need something. Or you may forget if you already have something and end up buying more. It is a vicious cycle, and that results in piling clutter in your attic.

To eliminate this unorganized pile of junk in your attic, you need some strategy to declutter your attic. And it is not that difficult to do it. All you need is willpower and an effective method to get your attic organized. If you don’t have time, you can always rely on attic cleanouts Solano County services

To declutter your attic, you will need first to clear your attic, sort out everything, and store them properly. So let’s get started:

Clearing The Attic

Take Out All Your Things Outside

You cannot clean your attic in a room full of mess. Otherwise, all you will be doing is stumbling on your lot and getting confused and unmotivated. So, before you do anything, take everything out of your attic. Take it out in an open space to fully access everything.

Clean Your Attic

Now that you have taken out everything, tidy up your attic properly. Look for molds or vacuum the floors. You need to have a clean space to put things back in an organized way.

Sort Your Stuff For The Attic

Sort Your Boxes

Take some large boxes, label them as wanted items, throw away things and donate items. The amount of clutter you can gather in a few years will startle you.

Put all the stuff you may need in the wanted box. Put things that you do not need anymore but are in good condition in the donation box. And finally, put all the useless broken stuff in the throw-away box.

Get Rid Of Excess Or Extra Stuff

Once you have sorted your stuff in those boxes, you are cleared of what you need and what you don’t. Just keep the box with the label ‘wanted’ and get rid of other packages.

Storage In Your Attic

Layout Attic Floor Plan

Before you start putting the wanted items back, you need to make a floor plan to keep your things organized. It will help you next time you are decluttering your attic.

Consider A Storage Unit

A storage unit can be a good investment for your attic to place things in place, where they are not stacked on other things and are also accessible to you.

Buy Some Storage Boxes Or Bins

Storage boxes are another way to sort out your things. You can buy color-coded boxes too. Or you can get transparent boxes where you can see what you have put in these boxes.

Get Some Labels

Labels are perfect for storage. This way, you will know in which box you have placed your stuff. And when in need, you don’t have to open every box to find them. You only have to open that labeled box.

Things To Consider Before Storage In The Attic:

Ø  An Organization System That Is Easy To Maintain And Access: The significant thing is to be practical while storing your stuff. You need to keep a balanced approach that is easily managed all the time. If you cannot access your things quickly and cannot maintain cleaning and organization later, your efforts will be wasted.

Ø  Humidity: Most of the attics are not temperature controlled. The loft can become hot in summers while cold in winters. Take care of your priceless things, and do not put them in the attic.

Ø  Make It Safe: Organize your stuff in safe ways. Take care of the attic and the shelves you have put. It would help if you also considered the safety of your essential things while storing them in the attic.


It may take a little more effort to clean your attic. But if you are done with it, you will like going to your organized attic and not spending much time finding your stuff. Bear in mind that the process will take some time. So, it’s important that you clear your weekend for this purpose. If you believe there’s too much stuff in there and you can’t handle it on your own, it’s always a wise idea to rely on professionals. You can contact 3 Kings Hauling and More and get the best services.

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