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Ducted Air Conditioners VS Split System Air Conditioners

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Summer in Queensland is no joke – and even during the cooler months, the region is known to have a few hot days! Living in such a hot and humid climate makes having an air conditioner a necessity and not a luxury. Air conditioners not only help keep us cool on warmer summer days, they can also maintain reasonable room temperatures and ensure you sleep well. 

It’s therefore not so much a case of why, but more of which: which type of air conditioner should you get? 

As two of the most affordable and effective options, ducted air conditioners and split system air conditioners work wonders – but which of the two is better suited to your needs? 

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems 

Ducted air conditioners are the most popular choice for many Australian households. Ducted systems typically come with several wall-mounted indoor units, which channel conditioned air through ducts to supply your rooms. 

Because they have multiple internal units, ducted systems are almost always more powerful than split system options – but that doesn’t mean they’re inherently better or worse! It just means you need to consider whether you’d prefer a system that’s slightly less powerful overall but require less room renovations, or one that’s more powerful but needs some renovation works.

Split System Air Conditioning Systems 

On the other hand, split systems are better suited to people whose homes do not have an existing duct network and want a DIY installation option that doesn’t require any renovations.

Split systems are also ideal for homeowners who don’t have much space to dedicate to an internal unit – because split systems are built into one outdoor unit that sends conditioned air flowing through mini-ducts indoors, they’re typically more compact than ducted systems. If you’ve only got a small opening in your home where you’d like to install ac, or if you’d prefer to keep all the components of your system in one place, split system AC is for you!

Ducted VS Split Systems: Which is Better?

Both ducted systems and split system air conditioners have their pros and cons, but in the end it all comes down to your individual needs.

If you want a powerful system with low renovation requirements, you should get a ducted ac unit. On the other hand, if you don’t mind which type of unit you use, are DIY-inclined, or simply prefer less intrusive installations, split system ACs are definitely worth taking into consideration! 

Most importantly though – no matter how much money or what kind of cooling solution you choose – make sure that your home is properly protected against heatwaves by using curtains or blinds to block out unwanted sunlight! With the help of these energy efficient solutions combined with an effective cooling system, you’ll be well on your way to a cool home this summer!

Need an Aircon? HVAC Parts and Accessories Can Help!

If you don’t already have an air conditioner installed in your home or office, now is your chance to invest in one! HVACPA is a renowned air conditioner supplier with various locations around Australia, which makes getting your new air conditioner that much easier! 

HVACPA supply a wide range of air conditioner types and brands, as well as replacement parts and accessories. Purchase online to simplify the process and collect from an HVACPA branch near you today.

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