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Driveway Security Bollards: Pros and Cons Explained

by Abdus Subhan
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Driveway Security Bollards: Pros and Cons Explained

Bollards are a way to protect the property alongside managing and controlling the traffic on roads. Driveway bollards are a type of security posts that are used to provide security for driveways of personal properties and vehicles as well.

Security of driveways can be achieved with the help of different types of security posts. These security posts are more like parking posts on the roads. They provide both physical and visual barriers in order to enhance security for a particular place or property.

If we talk about bollards, they are not a new concept. We see bollards everywhere in our daily lives. They are used alongside rods to control traffic, placed around parking lots to provide security for pedestrians, installed outside shopping malls to protect the premises, etc.

Bollards come in many different sizes, shapes, materials, etc to fulfill the requirements of different places and customers. Bollards can be made from wood, steel, plastic, iron, etc depending upon the place and purpose of installation. 

For example, bollards placed along roadsides have to be strong enough to resist collisions. That is why they are made of sturdy materials like steel and iron, etc. Parking posts and bollards used for decorative purposes can be made from plastic and wood, etc because their main purpose is to guide and inform and not to resist the impact of the collision.

Driveway Security Bollards

Driveway security bollards are the type of bollards that are used to provide security for a driveway and the vehicles parked there. Your driveway is a part of your property and this is obvious that you do not want any trespassing or unauthorized parking on your premises. The easy solution to this problem is that you install driveway security bollards so that you can restrict unauthorized access and allow access to whomsoever you want.

The main objective of driveway bollards is not to reduce the impact of the collision. Its main purpose is to set a controlled traffic setting so that you can control who to allow entry and who to restrict from entering.

Types of Driveway Security Bollards

Some common types of driveway bollards are described below.

1. Fixed Driveway Bollards

Fixed bollards are a type of driveway bollard that is fixed in the ground. They are used at places where you want to place the bollard on a permanent basis. They are more suitable to place outside malls and parking lots where there will be no need to do changes often. They can be used for driveway bollards but they are not much advised for driveways of public property like a house, etc because they are fixed in the ground, and doing changes become difficult.

2. Telescopic Driveway Bollards

One of the most common types of driveway bollards is telescopic bollards. These are the type of bollards that are lowered into the ground manually when they are not in use. When you want to restrict the entrance of any vehicle you take out the bollard from the ground. While in case where you want to allow access, you simply lower the bollards into the ground. They are installed by digging a place in the ground where bollards can be retracted back when not in use.

3. Removable Driveway Bollards

They are the bollards that are totally removable when not in use. They can be easily moved from one place o another. You can also store them somewhere else when not in use. If you have a driveway with pipes or wires underground and it is impossible to dig the ground for bollard installation, then a removable bollard is the best option.

4. Retractable/ Automated Driveway Bollards

They are like telescopic bollards but the difference is that they are automated and controlled with the help of a remote. They use a hydraulic pressure system to lower down into the ground when you want to allow access and retract back from the ground when you want to restrict the entry of any vehicle.

Benefits of Driveway Security Bollards

As mentioned earlier, driveway security bollards are security posts that are used to control the entrance of vehicles inside your driveway. However, there are many more benefits related to driveway bollards. You can go through these in detail to clearly understand the bollards.

1. Easy Installation

One of the most important benefits of driveway bollards is that they are very easy to install. The installation is easy which makes it feasible and convenient for many people to get it installed at their place without much hassle.

2. Protection against Crime

We know the modern ways burglars enter the premises of a house or building and even malls. They use a vehicle for theft in order to make their exit safer and more secure. The presence of driveway bollards makes it difficult for the robbers to enter your premises with a vehicle. In this way, driveway bollards on private roads or on private premises make the place more secure and less prone to thefts and robberies.

3. Less Expensive

Other security options like security gates or concrete barriers are expensive options as compared to bollards. Moreover, they are not as effective as bollards. Bollards are available in different structures, styles, designs, materials, and structures to suit according to different building architecture and security concerns. That is why they are considered to be a better option as compared to other security options not only financially but in the sense of providing security as well.

4. Effective for Commercial and Residential Sectors

Another benefit of bollards is that they are effective not only for the residential sector but also for the commercial and industrial sectors as well. They are installed outside houses for driveway security. They can also be customized to install outside buildings and offices as well.

Summing Up

Driveway security bollards pose a great many numbers of benefits making them suitable not only for the residential sector but for the commercial sector as well. they are available in a wide range to cater to customers with different security needs and concerns.

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