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Have a Trusted Plumbing Company On Call for Drain Cleaning and Emergencies

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Drain Cleaning

Most homeowners do not know much about their plumbing systems. It is easy to plan on hiring a local plumbing company to fix anything that can go wrong with the plumbing. When a toilet does not flush as it should, or when it starts to have water backing up and running over the toilet seat and onto the floor of the bathroom, it is time to call a plumber near me to fix the toilet and other plumbing issues. Plumbing pipes can have debris build up and block the ability of water to drain into the main sewer line.

Why You Should Know a Local Plumbing Company

Companies like United Plumbing drain cleaning are there to help homeowners and businesses when they have plumbing problems such as clogged drains and sewage backups. Homeowners living in the area of Springfield, MO, have trustworthy plumbing services to rely on. United Plumbing has qualified, licensed plumbers for every plumbing need or problem its customers may have.

Why contact a plumbing company before there’s a problem? You want to find a trusted plumber for your home or business, so when a problem happens you have a reliable plumber to call for quick service instead of having to look through the yellow pages or the internet to find someone who is available. Ask yourself, is a plumbing emergency really the time to let a stranger into your home to fix it?

A better plan is to call someone such as United Plumbing and talk to them about their services and qualifications. Ask them to check out the plumbing system for problems. Plumbing inspections can catch problems while they are small and easy to fix. Then, you will be on their customer list, and they will know your plumbing system if something goes wrong. Plumbers usually help their existing customers before someone new calling in, so be one of their customers on record.

Your Local Plumber Offers Certain Services

Every business has a list of products and services they specialize in. Ask about the services your prospective plumbing company offers. That way, you know what home problems they can help with. United Plumbing specializes in drain cleaning services, but they offer other useful services including the following.

  • Emergency plumbing services for times when a pipeline breaks and floods the building, a toilet runs over signaling a sewer back-up, or other plumbing emergencies. They have emergency service hours 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. A plumber will arrive quickly and be well-equipped to solve the problem.
  • Water heaters can stop working and need repair or replacement, and good plumbers can inspect the problem water heater and help the homeowner to decide whether to have it repaired or to replace it with a new, more energy-efficient model. They will give free estimates before they do any work.
  • A plumbing company with a complete line of services will have trained plumbers to inspect and repair or replace the home’s waterlines wherever they are located. These skilled, licensed technicians have the latest equipment to find problems such as leaks or breaks in plumbing pipes and repair them with as little disruption as possible.
  • Sewer lines handle a lot of waste and can develop blockages or debris build-up around the inside edges that constrict the waste flow and cause problems. Sewer lines can get damaged by roots or crushed by heavy equipment. Plumbers use special cameras to find the damage without digging up the whole yard. The plumbing company has several options for repairing damaged sewer lines if cleaning them is not enough.
  • The best plumbing companies also install or repair gas lines needed for heating equipment, water heaters, cooking ranges, outdoor grills, and more. Call them if a new gas appliance is purchased and needs installation or if the gas system needs a whole repipe to meet codes and safety standards.
  • Faucets wear out or develop leaks all the time, and not everyone can fix those issues themselves. A trained plumber will come in and determine what the problem is and repair it quickly. They can then inspect all the faucets in the home to see if any others need repair. Faucets develop annoying drips and leaks that will not get better or go away. They will just get worse. The same sink may have a problem faucet and a drain that is not working properly, which can be repaired at the same time.
  • Many family plumbing problems are related to the toilet. A plumber can fix everything from a toddler flushing toys down the toilet and blocking it to an overflowing toilet. They can fix toilets that will not flush correctly or toilets that keep running. They can install new toilets and repair existing toilets.
  • Water softeners can be a big help in making water safer and easier to drink and use for other uses, but they do need professional installation and services on a regular basis. The local plumbing company can also service, install, or repair water softeners.
  • Think about all the outdoor faucets and plumbing located outside the home such as fountains, irrigation, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, and more. They may all need servicing or repair at some time.
  • Outdoor plumbing installations and excavating projects should be handled in full by the plumbing company. This applies to having water or a sewer line repaired or replaced. When one company does it all it saves the customer time and money.
  • Septic system emptying or services

When Should Sewer Drains be Cleaned?

Though sewer drains do not need as much attention and maintenance as many home systems and appliances, they should be serviced with professional drain cleaning every 18 to 22 months. This helps prevent clogs and emergencies. Your professional plumbing company can help you decide how often your family needs this service based on past experience and lifestyle. The frequency depends on how many people live in a house and what materials they flush down toilets or wash down sinks. The schedule can also depend on how old the drain system is.

Plumbing pipes might need cleaning when these signs are present:

  • The sinks are slow to drain
  • The plumbing fixtures and appliances are backed-up
  • There are musty and other bad smells coming from plumbing fixtures
  • There may be pests in the home’s pipes
  • There are high bills for water
  • Standing water near exterior pipes or at basement drains
  • Pipes that have air bubbles or gurgling sounds

All of these signs point to the need for a call to the plumbing company and scheduling an inspection of the home plumbing system to detect underlying problems and get them repaired. The plumbing company should offer free estimates before work begins, and they may offer several alternative solutions and costs.

In the city, the plumbing problem could actually be in the city’s sewer main under the street. If that is the case, the city is responsible for the repairs. So when there is a backed-up drain, it is a good idea to check with neighbors to see if they also have a problem. The plumber you call can also determine if the problem is with the city sewer line and notify them.

Can a Homeowner Fix Plumbing Problems Themselves?

There are homeowners who do not want to touch any home system problem and will call the plumbing company when any plumbing issue arises. There are other homeowners who are dedicated DIY practitioners. There are home plumbing problems that can be fixed as DIY projects if the homeowner feels they are qualified to tackle each project and not make the problem worse.

A minor clog in a sink, tub, or shower drain can often be cleared by the homeowner when they know what to do. This clog may be near the surface and comprised of hair and other common materials.

A leaking faucet can often be repaired with new washers or replaced by a knowledgeable homeowner. Before the attempt is made to repair the faucet, the water to that faucet should be turned off.

Before attempting any home plumbing repair, it is important to look up the proper way to do it from a reputable source. If the job seems beyond the homeowner’s capabilities, or if the correct equipment is not on hand, it is probably better to call a professional plumber in to complete the job safely and correctly.

Homeowners Can Prevent Clogs

Even homeowners who are not into DIY projects can take precautions to avoid drain clogs. The main step is to limit what goes down the drain. Do not dump grease, oil, chemicals, paint, coffee grounds, and other refuse down the drain.

Use the trash can instead of the toilet to get rid of trash such as disposable diapers, feminine products, chemicals, hair, and more. Even paper towels and leftover lotions can be damaging to the drain system.

Invest in some clog catchers for sinks that have a lot of use, like kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks. These little mesh sieves are pretty easy to clean and prevent drain clogs. Clean these and the shower and bath drains often.
Read the garbage disposal directions carefully, and do not put foods through it that are not on the approved list, such as greasy, fibrous, difficult to grind, or stringy items.

With good care and a good plumber on-call, the home’s plumbing system can be kept in good shape and running smoothly.

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