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Doings the 60s right

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Last modified on April 23rd, 2022 at 6:14 pm


Moving to the 60s is a big step and change. It the time around which you are making big changes in your life. Your children are getting married, you are finally retiring and making plans for your dream vacation.

In terms of health as well, 60s play an important part as well. These serve as a transition period between middle and old age. 60s is also right about the time when you run into diseases as well.

Therefore, it is important to be considerate of your time and body during this age. The steps that you take during this time will help you in aging gracefully and well, better.

Hence, be sure to follow the instructions of the Best General Physician in Lahore when it comes to the matters of your health. Other important factors to be mindful of include:

Aging brain

You can be 16 or 60, forgetting a word or two here and there is perfectly alright. But a 16-year old’s brain is fairly young and in process of learning which is why it is able to reel back. With a 60-year-old brain, there is the looming danger of diseases and memory problems brought on by aging.

One way to ensure that your brain stays sharp is by keeping the brain functioning. When we challenge our brain and learn new things, new neural connections are made in the brain. It serves to regularly ‘exercise’ the brain, that therefore promotes its health.

So, bring out the puzzle, download the brain-teasing applications, start a new hobby, or perhaps take up a new course online. Keep your brain on its metaphorical toes.

Be socially active

With retirement and no work to look forward to, kids all moved away, life can get a little lonely. It can then pose mental health concerns as well. One way to remedy this is by being more socially active.

Go out with your friends. Join different clubs where you are likely to run into people. Try to take up new hobbies that will allow you to make more friends.


You need to exercise to avert your risk of chronic ailments like heart disease and diabetes. Physical activity is also good for the muscles and the bones. Regular exercise also serves to improve longevity as well.

Hence, make exercise a necessity to your life. Of course, be safe, but try to experiment with what sort of exercise is most effective for you, so that being physically active does not become a chore, but something you actively look forward to.

Make healthier dietary choices

You have lived the life of poor dietary choice, but no more. Your love for the crispy fried chicken has to go if you want to live a healthy life ahead.

If you can, try to follow the Mediterranean diet, which is excellent for longevity and is also extremely healthy. It focuses on consuming fruits and vegetables alongside olive oil, nuts and fatty fish. Processed food and desserts are not part of the diet. It also entails cutting back of red meat as well.

Pay attention to your mental health

Aging is hard. Your body is failing you, your routine is changing, you are losing your loved ones. Suffice to say, aging takes a significant toll on the mental health. From increased risk of depression to stress and anxiety, the dangers run deep and grave.

It is therefore important for you to also pay attention to your mental health. Practice yoga, breathing exercises, mindfulness that are helpful. Visit a therapist if need be.

Annual visits to the doctor

Aging is a big risk factor for many diseases. And while you cannot prevent your body from aging, you can at least increase the chances of timely diagnosis, for a better prognosis. Thus, make sure that you consult the Best General Physician in Islamabad for annual exams, tests, and screenings.

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