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Does Ulta Sell Thrive Cosmetics?

by Abdus Subhan
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Ulta Sell Thrive Cosmetics

Looking for an answer about Ulta sales boosting cosmetics then you are at the right post, you just need to read this informative data and find the best solution to your problem.

Now let’s bring on our next guest for our hashtag segment this is Folio co-founder Andy Swann welcome back to the show Andy hey thanks ok so we’re talking to Alto. We’re talking about beauty supplies, you know, their partnership with Target, their rewards program, but this stock is hitting all-time highs and firing on all cylinders here. Is. So do you have the data to support these moves in the stock? We actually know that I think it was Leonard Lauder of the Estee Lauder Company who coined the term. The Lipstick Index you know basically says that when consumers don’t have money to spend on vacations or a new car, they go for cosmetics and lipsticks and makeup so that they Be able to express themselves and give you a little insight into their time in the city. Good without spending. A lot of money and we’re really seeing that in this economy you know we’re seeing oh demand makeup, typically, over the course of a year is over 51, really you know This is a negative signal for the economy. But a positive sign for a company like Ulta Beauty who, you know, sells these cosmetics to people and is doing very well. Even compared to competitors you know we see Ulta Beauty as clearly the strongest brand among cosmetics manufacturers compared to competitors like Folio Universe. You should use Ulta coupon code $15 off $75 If you want to shop beauty and cosmetics products at affordable rates.

So, we think the upside is very attractive to you here at all-time highs yet you know stocks that make all-time highs. They repeatedly make new all-time highs and I think that’s probably what’s happening with the upside. We have a big macro tailwind with makeup demand, oh, and Ulta is a best-of-breed company you know that consumer demand for their products is significantly ahead of competitors so Ulta is A very good story for us as we head to EA. rings Andy what’s the difference here for the upside, I mean the chart of this stock is actually out of control, does it have to do with the uh target, is it as simple as you know they have pandemic Took a big dip during the pandemic and now they’re doing this pent-up demand just going forward what do you think in your data. And another point is that I think their relationship with Target is the most. off the strip Andy yes, it is and you know I have to admit I’m not their target customer by any means but it makes total sense to me if I’m at Ulta Beauty’s price points If I were in the makeup or cosmetics business, Target is where I would want to be, so it definitely wouldn’t be cool. So, I think this relationship is working as well as folio data. So, we hope you have benefited from this information.

The most popular offer of this company is Ulta coupon $10 off $40 hat is very good for every customer. We see that this relationship is working very well for Alta and you clearly know that this is a company. That makes the kind of products that consumers want right now, you know they’re looking for natural, chemical-free products. Alta really specializes in that and they’ve built their brand exactly what’s on the consumer’s mind and so I think it’s the right place right time right partnership right product they’re firing on all cylinders right now. Yeah, and Andy mentioned the rewards program in the end they have 37 million members that account for 95 percent of the company’s annual sales and we’ve seen that with Chipotle and some other names. What you guys have covered for us is the key that Alta has over its competitors. According to your data or that is. Where you think okay, I’m a member and they’re the ones who keep spending more and more money and then you turn them off yeah, it’s you know that kind of business. 101 You know it’s easier to sell to an existing or former customer than to a new customer and if you really make the new customer happy, they come back and buy more from you Loyalty Program Rewards Program Just Lock It In helps to. And it helps track it, but I think the real story for Alta is that it’s a company that makes its customers very happy. And those customers are happy to come back and re-register with that company, so I think that’s something that stands on its own.

You know until they trip and when they have this macro tailwind of cosmetics you know usually flying off the shelves everywhere you know the best with a tailwind behind you. It’s great to have a race and the upside is Andy when I see it on a chart like this where it’s hitting all-time highs. At the moment the RSI is overbought on technical grounds and you know the prospect of euphoria in this stock scares me a bit but what kind of score do you guys have for earnings in this report? Yeah, we have a great score you know plus 61 is pretty high in our world so we’re working on it fast even with stock you know I said before I think sometimes as investors, we get scared of all-time highs but the truth is that there is no pressure on us to sell. You know the supply prices are not above us and so I think the all-time high is very high. Could lead to big breakouts and um you know I don’t know what would happen with the upside. I think all the elements are there if they put out the numbers and the guidance that we expect them to do yes. Andy, especially in this kind of market environment, is the fact that this stock is hitting all-time highs in a pretty volatile time, perhaps because of the number it’s currently releasing. Can keep it because stocks have been found. Punished if you miss even the slightest bit of good stuff Andy appreciates it as always.

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