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Designing Meeting Rooms After COVID

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Designing Meeting Rooms After COVID

Nothing has been similar in the world since COVID-19. It has affected our lives by all means, from dine-in restaurants to our offices. We converted our homes into home offices and our dining tables into work tables. As we resume our office places, making some changes in the office interior design and the meetings room’s design has become mandatory. The best Interior design Dubai companies have completely changed their style and design of office meeting rooms post COVID-19.

Meeting Rooms Design Post COVID-19

These are the essential changes in designing the meeting rooms of offices after COVID keeping the safety of the staff in concern,

Distanced seating arrangement

Round table and shoulder to shoulder meetings are impossible after COVID-19, and social distancing is the ultimate precaution to stop COVID from spreading. And the only way to ensure social distancing in office meeting rooms is to keep the chairs at a distance. Try to arrange the chairs at a distance of at least 2ft. from each other. We have to make our meetings rooms larger as these types of meeting room designs undoubtedly need more space than the older designs.

Guarantee satisfactory ventilation in the office meeting rooms for the safety of your employees. A new ventilation system definitely works better than the older version, but you can also get your old ventilation systems checked.

An open-air meeting

If your meeting room is not big enough to follow social distancing, then it is better to shift your meeting to an open area. You can convert the terrace of your office into a peaceful open-air meeting room. Arrange the seats at a distance from each other and provide each chair with an individual mic for better communication. You can also connect your employees’ smartphones with a sound system if you don’t like the idea of mics.

Proper video conferencing system

Many companies are ready to follow a hybrid work system in their offices post COVID-19, and some of their staff will work remotely, and others will join the physical office work. If you are ready for hybrid work in your company too, then your office meeting room needs two things. Ensure a proper video conferencing system in your office so that your remote employees can quickly and smoothly join the meeting.

Another essential thing to focus on is the internet connection. The video conferencing will definitely need a strong internet connection for an uninterrupted meeting. A proper video conferencing system and a strong Wi-Fi connection will assist in filling the gap between your office and the employees working remotely.

Avoid physical contact

There are many chances of spreading COVID-19 with physical contacts and touching different surfaces, so it is better to deal with this issue in advance. Interior design Dubai companies try eliminating every chance of COVID spread by creating a touch-free meeting room. Install an automatic door with a human sensor in the meeting room so that no one has to pull and push the door to open and close it. Also, install an innovative control panel that allows the employees to control the operations through their smartphones or mobile applications.

100% Sanitization

Sanitizing hands has now become a habit for all of us, which is a good thing. Install hand sanitization stands near the meeting room entrance and make sure every employee sanitizes their hands when entering and leaving the meeting rooms. It is even better if you install a go-through sanitization gate with the entrance door that makes the sanitization of your employees 100%.

Besides office employees, the sanitization of the meeting room is also a must. Ensure proper sanitization of the meeting room (including chairs, table, remote control, door handle, and everything) after each meeting. Try to give enough time gap between the sessions for the cleaning and sanitization of the meeting room.


These were the changes that COVID has brought to the interior design of the office meeting rooms. Follow these designs in your meeting rooms, keeping everyone’s safety in concern. We are 100% sure that famous and best-rated interior design Dubai companies like Exotic Interior Studio undoubtedly have many more unique designs for your office post-COVID. So make sure to check them out. 

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