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Dab Pen: It’s Not as Difficult to Use as You Think

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Dab pen is known as the smallest portable vaporizer. They come in different sizes and do not need many accessories to operate them. A lot of people use wax pens to cease smoking. Some health experts have rated the use of wax pens as a safer and healthier alternative to smoking. The text below describes how to use a dab pen most straightforwardly.

Parts of a dab pen.

Most dab pens have three main parts: a battery, an atomizer/ heating chamber, and a mouthpiece. The battery powers the heating element found in the heating chamber of the best dab pens. Also, the heating chamber has a compartment onto which you load the dabbing or wax concentrate. Once the dab pen’s heating element heats up to the ideal temperature, it vaporizes the dabbing concentrate. The dab pen user takes heats through the device’s mouthpiece.

Other essential dab pen accessories include:

  1. A dabber/ dab tool – is a small stick or metal rod which the dab pen’s user uses to scoop the dabbing concentrate and load it to the heating chamber.
  2. A carrying case – this accessory makes transporting the dab pen and its accessories easier. It also ensures you are safe from the dab pen’s heat in case it accidentally gets activated.
  3. vubbler/ vaporizer bubbler – is an attachment that you screw into the dab pen’s battery and fill it with water from the top to vape aways. 

A simple step-by-step guide on using a dab pen

Step 1: Turn on the dab pen.

Most dab pens feature a power button for activating their battery. In Addition, they usually feature a 5X click-on safety feature, which keeps you safe from the dab pen’s heat in case it turns on in your pocket by accident. You have to click on the power button up to five times to turn on the device for such dab pens. 

Furthermore, some dab pens are draw-activated. You pull a hit from the dab pen’s mouthpiece, and its sensors will automatically turn on the device.

Once the dab pen shows that it is on, you should always check whether its coil is working. This practice ensures you do not put your wax concentrate to waste. Do not touch the coil since you can feel some heat coming out of the dab pen’s coil.

Step 2: packing or loading the dab pen’s chamber.

Loading or packing a dab pen with the dabbing concentrate is not as difficult as you may think. The first thing to do when doing the loading is to take off the mouthpiece attached to the heating chamber. Using your dab tool, you scoop a small piece of the dabbing concentrate (size of a grain of rice highly recommended) and load it onto the dab pen’s coil.

You should always be careful not to touch the dab pen’s coil with the dab tool. Dab pens’ coils are fragile and need extra caution. Otherwise, you may end up scratching or breaking the coil, which will need you to find a replacement.

Step 3: Vaping from a dab pen. 

After loading, you should put the mouthpiece back on, and once you press the power button, the loaded wax should start melting. Ensure you prime the dab pen’s coil before taking any hits, as it will enable the device’s optimal performance. To prime the coil, you hit the button for almost two seconds and let the dab melt onto the coil. This will keep the coil moist and help you avoid taking dry hits.

If your pen has a variable voltage battery, you should start vaping with the lowest voltage setting. Moreover, if the dab offers the specific temperatures option, you should choose between 420°F and 500°F.

Additional tips when using a dab pen.

  1. Make sure you always store the wax concentrate of the dab pen fresh.
  2. Ensure the dab pen is always kept upright, especially after using it.
  3. If it feels hot while taking your hits from the CBD vape pen, you should let it cool down.
  4. Take your hits slowly and short. Use your diaphragm/ do not take huge draws as if you are smoking.
  5. Clean the dab pen regularly to prevent it from clogging.
  6. Going for high heat can affect vapor quality. However, if you need more clouds to your vapor, you can choose a higher temperature/ voltage option.

Key Takeaway.

Dab pens are very user-friendly devices. They are not as difficult to use as many people think.

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