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Reasons To Look For A Cryptobase ATM Near You When Buying Bitcoins

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Reasons To Look For A Cryptobase ATM Near You When Buying Bitcoins

Are you a crypto trader facing money-transfer problems because of crypto exchanges and not ATM? The fact is crypto exchanges offer an easy way to buy and sell cryptos, but the transaction process is time-consuming. Moreover, exchanges have been victims of hacking many times in the past leading to huge losses for investors and traders. So, as far as security is concerned, crypto enthusiasts harbor serious doubts about these platforms.

Why is a Bitcoin ATM preferred by crypto traders?

To avoid procedural hassles of transactions through exchanges, Cryptobase has offered a brilliant solution in the form of an ATM. So, the next time someone asks you “how to find a Bitcoin ATM near me”, you can recommend using the Cryptobase ATM. These BTC ATM machines will provide a convenient and secure means of buying Bitcoins.

Reasons to buy Bitcoins from Cryptobase ATM:

  • Ease-of-use: The Bitcoin ATM offered by Cryptobase works in the same way as regular cash ATM. You can buy and sell Bitcoin both through these. The method of purchase is relatively simpler than what it is on exchanges. You are in complete control of the entire transaction process. There are no third-party or middlemen involved, and no delays as a result. You can use cash to buy Bitcoins unlike on exchanges where you can only buy with credit or debit cards and bank transfers.
  • Convenience: When you have been searching for a “BTC near me”, the search engine is likely to throw up names of which Cryptobase deserves special mention. Their machines are designed to take cash of different denominations. So, whether you wish to deposit $1 or $100, you can do so conveniently.
  • Anonymity: For people who are not keen to divulge their bank account details or card details to exchanges, using a Bitcoin ATM makes sense. You can use real cash to buy the cryptos without having to share any personal information. So, you are free from worries about security loopholes.
  • Cryptobase caters to a growing number of users and has been making efforts to install ATMs everywhere they can. This can be a positive way to gain more traffic.

When you have found a Cryptobase ATM near you, here’s what you must do to purchase Bitcoins:

You will be asked to provide your mobile number. This is typed on the screen after which you receive an SMS with a verification code. You can now enter this code, create a 4-digit pin, and choose the crypto you wish to buy. You can choose “Bitcoins” here and opt for a delivery method. You will then be prompted to insert cash, inserting one bill at one time. Finally, you must click on the “Finish” button for completing this transaction securely. 

To sell Bitcoins using a crypto ATM, you need to follow almost the same steps until you come to the passcode or pin stage. After this, you need to choose the crypto you wish to sell. When you type in the amount you wish to withdraw, you are given a QR code. This is for transferring the cryptos from the wallet. 

Given the convenience of using crypto ATMs, business owners are now trying to host Bitcoin ATMs inside their stores. For this, they simply need to take out space to install the ATM machine. Cryptobase will take care of everything else. 

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