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CoolSculpting- Delivers Promised Results or It’s Just Talk?

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Have you just been hit by the idea of treating that stubborn fat? Well, we thought the same. That’s what brings you here, to eliminate that fat and get a perfectly-toned body.

There are numerous techniques in place to treat that fat away. CoolSculpting, Tummy Tuck, and Liposuction are some of the popular treatments in Dubai, a booming market for body contouring treatments. Some are invasive, while others are non-invasive. These techniques differ in terms of cost, timings, body type, and techniques used.

Depending upon your body tissues, cells, and doctor’s advice, you can choose Dubai CoolSculpting or any such treatment. However, CoolSculpting is the much-talked-about treatment in town. Let’s understand a little more about this non-invasive method:

CoolSculpting- A Non-invasive Treatment

Described as the fat-freezing fat reduction process, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment, with hardly any negative results attached. Doctors consider it as an alternative to liposuction with more promising outcomes. Without the use of any surgical equipment, it is a quick process to eliminate fatty bags from your body. These are resistant to weight loss diets and exercises and the CoolSculpting technique remains beneficial for treating these fats.

Quick Treatment Process

The treatment process and recovery time are quick. This means that you will not have to skip your work or fall behind your schedule. Instead, you can easily get the treatment and continue your routine without any halt.

The treatment, scientifically called cryolipolysis, involves a vacuum-like applicator to suck out the fat. These are used on the targeted fat areas, one at a time. It then deep-freezes the fat cells, killing them eventually. These are then naturally expelled via your lymphatic system.

On average, the treatment can take from 35 minutes to 60 minutes to treat the fat. Studies show that CoolSculpting can reduce fat by 25%. However, bear in mind that it is not a solution for treating that fat.

Approved by the FDA, it is used to treat fat from the abdomen, thighs, flanks, arms, and other such parts. It takes an hour to treat one patch of fat. More hours are needed to treat the fat from different parts of the body.

Perks of Choosing CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting has shown a lower number of risks. The treatment is more comfortable in comparison to other body contouring treatments. It doesn’t require the use of incisions or anesthesia.

Moreover, most people don’t find CoolSculpting as a hurtful procedure. Body areas that are treated can get numb and one can feel sensations like pulling, tingling, aching, etc. but no serious problem.

People who have undergone treatments, usually see significant results that last over a longer period. Therefore, being a quick treatment method, CoolSculpting allows you to reduce your body fat greatly and kick-start a healthy lifestyle.

Things to Consider

Every patient undergoing the treatment is different. This depends on their body type, cell structures, and formulations, etc. For some, only a single treatment might be enough to show results. While others might need fewer treatments and more time for obvious results.

Cost can be one factor too. Getting more treatments can get costly. So one should consider getting stubborn fat treated first.

Also, the results can vary depending upon your age group. If you are elderly, there might be a risk for saggy skin. Also, there are chances that your skin can become resistant to the treatment and increase fat.

Maximizing Results

CoolSculpting is known to have shown positive results. However, it is not a standard treatment that suits everyone to the fullest. Therefore, it remains in one’s best interest to take input from your doctor. This is helpful to understand the patient’s body and how suitable CoolSculpting is for the treatment.

For maximizing the results, one can focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercise daily, and consume natural and healthy food. Experts also suggest massaging the fat-treated area for 5 minutes to improve fat volume reduction to 68% after two initial months.

Moving Forward

CoolSculpting, being a non-invasive treatment, works for many. It’s affordable and saves you a lot of time. With fewer risks associated with it, it remains a go-to option for many people planning to get their bodies contoured.

However, there are numerous other techniques available too, if CoolSculpting doesn’t seem to work for you. You can choose other techniques that are invasive and use surgical methods. Either way, you can search out the best plastic surgery Dubai options and make your best pick. As discussed earlier, medical consultancy can help you choose the best option and witness results that you deem as perfect.

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