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Coir Mattress vs Latex Mattress: Which One To Choose?

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What is a Latex Mattress?The latex mattress is constructed with either natural latex or a combination of both synthetic and natural latex. They make use of the sap from the rubber tree, and the best part of producing these mattresses is that there is no need to cut down the trees to construct them. These types of mattresses are of two types known as Dunlop and Talalay, depending on the way the latex is treated. While the natural ones are best for people with sensitive skin as they hypoallergenic, the synthetic ones are comparatively lesser in price. Latex mattresses are best for people who feel hot quickly and they are best for their price also. They are highly responsive with differing firmness options making them suitable for many people. However, motion isolation is an issue with latex mattresses, and they are also cumbersome. Latex mattresses online are the best choice to look out for these mattresses being offered with various brands and designs.What is a Coir Mattress?Coir mattress is one of the eco-friendly mattresses made of natural fibres as it is a combination of both foam and wool. Traditionally these are made of coconut fibres that enhance breathability and also offer firmness as they are made of only semi-flexible materials on the inside. When considering the affordability or price factor, an individual should necessarily prefer the coir mattress, and they are best for support, also rendering good comfort.They are very easy to manufacture and inexpensive, thereby making them affordable for ordinary people. It is the best natural sleep solution recommended by experts for people who are not comfortable with latex mattresses. A coir mattress keeps the bed well ventilated and dry at all times and is suitable for people looking out for a mattress at a meagre cost. It is the best choice for people suffering from sports injuries, but sleeping on natural coir is not advisable for people with back issues. They are always the last resort for people with back problems, and this is because they cannot retain their shape and tend to sag after a specific time.Though a coir mattress has numerous benefits, it is essential to analyse the downsides also to make a wise decision while investing in a bed. One serious problem with coir is that it attracts allergens and insects but an excellent option for a hot coastal area with high humidity. The other disadvantages are:
  • As a coir mattress is made of organic materials, it is easily prone to a lot of wear and tear. Though the material is good to provide support, it is not ideal for lasting long. The nature of organic material is to imbibe the external pressure and not bounce back. This decreases the amount of support it offers to an individual. All these factors make a coir mattress generally a good choice for the short term, and it has to be necessarily be replaced with few months to work fine and offer the necessary support for people who use them.
  • As the coconut coir is challenging to clean, it isn’t easy to maintain. Also, being prone to allergens, dust, and insects is not helpful with various environmental conditions. This makes them impossible to be used on the floor as it would quickly pick up all the dust and dirt.
Types of Coir MattressThe different construction styles for coir gives rise to two significant types of coir mattresses, and they are:
  • Rubberized coir mattress: This is the premium quality of a coir mattress that makes use of latex foam in the comfort layer. This particular design or construction allows these mattresses to retain their shape and offer maximum comfort. All the credits go to the latex foam here.
  • Hybrid coir mattress: A coir mattress requires different types of materials for both support and comfort, and mostly it makes use of one or more foam kinds to get them constructed. This is the best coir mattress as it offers support from the bulk of the coir and comfort from the latex and foam. The significant advantage of these mattresses is that they do not disintegrate quickly.
Benefits of Coir MattressThe significant benefits that are associated with a coir mattress are:
  • Coir is complex, and the foam offers support, and both of them act as a natural supportive layer. This enables the body to get relaxed while the foam in the mattress contours the sleeper’s body. This offers support to all parts of the body at the right levels. Therefore, this makes them the most supportive mattresses of all time.
  • They regulate the temperature effectively. The coir mesh is great because the support and comfort layers consist of foam that is sandwiched in between the coir layers. This gives the lattice structure maximum support and regulates the air and temperature by making the mattress excellent for people who tend to feel hot quickly in the middle of the night. This is the fact because of which it makes these suitable for coastal areas.
  • It is a well-known fact that these are generally ideal for hot weather conditions. But they are also suitable for general use of reading books and relaxing, for people who are massive and need a mattress to support their large body weights and toddlers use as these are disposable.
Coir mattress is the option one can rely on for daily use, and one need not give a second thought before purchasing these owing to its cost. As they are eco-friendly, they are a very comfortable option and also their sustainability works wonders. But if one has special needs, it is better; they opt for a latex mattress. Most important of all, a coir mattress is also ideal for overweight people, and they are the best option to be considered while on the lookout for a temporary or disposable mattress.

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