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Cannabis Seeds Variety Packs: The Best Online Deals 

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Last modified on September 8th, 2022 at 9:30 am


As cannabis continues to gain popularity, many people are looking for new ways of tapping into the new market. With increased demand, manufacturers and vendors must compete to provide a proportional supply. After passing the Farm Bill of 2018, cannabis users have pushed the demand for the product even higher. As such, the only way for manufacturers and vendors to continue to supply their customers with the high-quality cannabis they need is by planting high-quality seeds. 

The planting of cannabis requires a lot of things. However, the most important thing to consider when planting cannabis is the seed variety that you are using. The seed variety determines the species and the strain of cannabis that will grow. Here are some of the best cannabis seed variety packs you should get, especially from online deals. 

  1. Three Strain Variety Pack by BC Kratom 

One of the best seed variety packs you can get on the market is the 3 Strain Variety Pack from BC Kratom. The beauty of this selection is that you can choose whichever option works for you. Thus, the three strains are customized depending on whichever choices you fancy. You can buy 3 strain variety pack online from the online marketplace of BC Kratom and get your order delivered to whichever location you choose.  The selection comes in a 300g pack, with each selection having 100g. In addition to the purchase, buying the product gets you 90 redeemable points which can get you discounts on subsequent purchases. 

  1. Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL) 

Coming at the second best on the list of different online vendors of cannabis seed variety packs is the Marijuana Seeds NL company. This company has a wide range of seeds you can exploit for a high-quality yield. The seeds provide numerous strains of cannabis, which will help you meet the demand of your customers as well as allow you to get a high-profit margin.  

For example, you can get popular strains like Northern Lights, Big Bud, and Bubblegum. This feminized Classic Mix has a high-quality yield with prominent strains that have a broad appeal in the market. There are also other types of mixes of strains that the seed bank provides. For example, terpene-specific mixes such as the Caryophyllene Terpene Pack, Limonene Terpene Pack, Linalool Terpene Pack, Myrcene Terpene Pack, Pinene Terpene Pack, and Humulene Terpene Pack. 

  1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) 

If you love growing marijuana, then this seed bank is appropriate for you. The seed bank provides you with a large pool of options to choose from depending on the kinds of strains you are looking to grow. This seed bank’s customized mixes offer your type of flavor or terpene, depending on your fancy flavors. If you want a lemon-flavored strain for your farm, you can go for the Juicy Mixpack or the Autoflower Mix. 

While this company ships to only Australia and the US and has a largely pricier catalog than most other seed banks, the services are exceptional and will provide you with the yield you desire. Additionally, they give a lot of discounts which you should look out for if you want to get their high-quality seeds at a lower cost. They also provide information concerning the specific streams and how to grow them to get the most from the seeds they sell. 

  1. Ministry of Cannabis (MOC) 

As the name suggests, the ministry of cannabis provides some of the best seeds. This seed bank’s advantage is that its packs are limited to certain varieties. They only have two mixed varieties. These are the Life Energizer Mix and the Deep Relax seed variety pack. 

However, this seed bank is also a good option if you want some varieties that lead to a particular specific feeling in the body when consumed. For example, the Auto Fun Seed Pack and the Auto Chill Out Pack provide either a relaxation sensation or an energized feeling depending on your type. Having a select number of varieties is beneficial when you only want a few options. Many options could cloud your judgment and make you choose something you don’t want to run in the long run. 

This company provides many benefits, such as worldwide shipping and low-cost prices for the seeds. Thus, you can access services from any country, regardless of where you are. 

  1. Crop King Seeds 

Last but not least is the Crop King Seed Bank. This seed bank also provides two mixed varieties of seeds you can use. These are Auto Feminized Mixed Marijuana Seeds and Feminized Mixed Marijuana Seeds. While these two options may appear very limited, each option provides various strains to help you satisfy the customers’ requirements. The company also offers worldwide shipping and low-cost prices compared to others in the same market sector. Therefore, you are likely to get a high-quality yield from using the seeds provided by the crop king. 

Final Words 

Choosing the cannabis strain to plant could be difficult, primarily when many options exist. However, the above options guarantee a high-quality yield from some of the best seeds. With the seed banks above, you can be sure that any of the varieties you choose will not only have some of the most popular strains but can also be customized to include the popular terpenes in the market. This will ensure a prosperous cannabis venture. 

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