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Can You Put a Fireplace on a Deck?

by Syed Qasim
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Does your home have a beautiful backyard that begs to be spent time in? Are you looking to build something fancy, but still useful? How about adding a fireplace on deck?

While that may be something sounding like a luxury, it doesn’t have to be outside of your budget or comfort zone.

A fireplace on a deck, when done right, can be the best thing ever. Here is a guide to help you get started.

Considering Local Building Codes and Regulations

Local building codes and regulations can vary, but in general, it is possible to install a fireplace on a deck. However, most building codes will require that the fireplace be raised a minimum distance from the deck. This is to ensure that the heat from the fireplace does not cause any damage to the deck or make it hazardous to people on or near the deck.

The exact distance can vary and should be confirmed with the local building code office. Additionally, most codes will require that the fireplace have appropriate venting installed so that smoke and other gases are safely vented away from the immediate area.

Considering safety clearances, a fireplace on a deck could pose a significant danger. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires a minimum clearance of 36 inches in all directions from combustible walls and other combustible materials with sprinklers and fire extinguishers easy to reach.

Considering the Type of Fireplace

You can put a fireplace on a deck except portable fireplaces as most fireplaces can be installed on a deck with the proper construction and materials. Electric fireplaces are a popular option for decks, as they do not require any additional ventilation or other considerations and can be installed directly onto the deck.

Gas fireplaces can be safely installed onto decks as well, but require additional measures such as:

  • proper ventilation
  • correct gas lines
  • a heat shield

Wood-burning fireplaces can also be installed on a deck but must be built into the deck floor and not rest just on the surface to prevent heat and sparks from causing damage or starting a fire.

For fireplace inserts, people should make sure that they use metal or stone platforms to support the fireplace. They should ensure that the platform is secure and that it is surrounded by a guardrail to prevent any embers from falling onto the deck and starting a fire.

Considering Fireplace Design

When it comes to safety, fireplaces that are installed on wood decks must be designed with care. The fireplace design must have a protective hood or top to prevent sparks from jetting out or the fire from igniting the wooden deck. Spark screens and safety screens are important components to consider when putting an outdoor fireplace on a deck.

Additionally, noncombustible materials such as stone, metal, and brick should be used to construct the surround of the fireplace. Furthermore, the heated gases produced by the fire must be properly vented away from combustible surfaces.

Know What to Consider When Having a Fireplace on Deck

Having a fireplace on deck can provide a cozy and unique outdoor space for enjoying family time and entertaining. With the right materials and precautions, a deck fireplace is durable and safe. If you’re interested in putting a fireplace on your deck, be sure to consult a professional to best meet your needs.

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