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Budget-Friendly Landscape Maintenance Hacks for Dubai Residents

by Abdus Subhan
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It is not an easy task to do landscape maintenance Dubai, especially during the hot weather of Dubai. Here, we are listing some of the important tips for landscape maintenance Dubai to keep your garden lush green, and healthy.

Garden Maintenance Tips

The following are some of the important garden maintenance tips;

Irrigation System Maintenance

It is essential to keep your irrigation system ready and intact. If it is automated, enhance the timer setting twice a day from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. This is essential, especially during the summer in Dubai where plants in the lawn cannot tolerate the heat without a proper irrigation system.

Facilitate Mulching

Mulching is the most essential way to keep your garden and the associated areas moist. It is important to maintain temperate in the garden. To keep the temperature low, pinewood mulch is one of the essential ways to retain moisture in the planting area.

Pest Control

It is important to perform pest control tests in the garden area to keep plants healthy. This is one of the essential landscape maintenance Dubai tips to keep the grass growing healthy. Insect pests can damage flowering plants and natural grass, therefore, use certified chemicals from approved plant shops in Dubai for pest control.

Garden Cleaning

The pests can destroy the flowering plants in the garden, however, to keep the garden healthy, it is important to clean the garden by picking up the dead leaves regularly from the garden. This may prevent the pests away from your garden.

Fertilizers Application

It is important to avoid unnecessary fertilizers, certified plant shops in Dubai offer high-quality fertilizers. Buy fertilizers from approved stores to make your plants grow healthy in your garden.

Professional Gardener

Hire a professional service provider for landscape maintenance Dubai for your garden. Green Glades is a professional garden maintenance company in Dubai that has all the necessary resources, tools, skilled planters, and knowledgeable staff for different plant varieties. They can keep your garden clean, lush green, and thriving in the evolving climate in Dubai. 

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