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Best Hair Styles for Your Wedding Day

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Hair Styles

Women from different cultures and traditions have unique hairstyles. You can do traditional or unique styles using natural hair and extensions. Some styles suit short hair, while others are for long hair. No single technique is the best for everyone, so you should choose options that fit your needs. Whether you fancy hair extensions or your natural hair, here are the seven best styles for your wedding day:

1.    Natural, Long Flowing Waves

White and ivory dresses, colorful jewelry, and wedding embellishments perfectly match natural waves. The style is classic and popular among modern wedding trends. Natural waves are an ideal choice if you want a simple, elegant hairstyle that is comfortable. The waves are great for traditional weddings or one with a vintage theme. You can go for long or beachy waves, which are effortless, loose, and perfect for the honeymoon.

2.    Buns With Good Volume

Pulling your hair up into a bun is another classic hairstyle many choose for their wedding day. The style is compatible with curly, straight, or wavy hair. Buns work well with thick hair, so you can use hair extensions or other hacks to get the best look. The style allows the beauty of your gown and jewelry to show instead of hiding them beneath thick locks. You can choose an experienced stylist to make your wedding day bun. 

3.    Find the Perfect Braid

Braids come in all forms for all hair types and never go out of style. You can experiment with different braided styles to find the perfect braid for your wedding day. Popular options include loosely braided crowns, flowing French braids, and Dutch side braids. You can choose waterfall braids, rose braids, baby’s breath braids, bubble braids, and movie-inspired braids. The style works well with long hair/extensions and allows your accessories to show.

4.    Low Set Textured Ponytails

If you have long locks, you can use low-set textured ponytails to bring out the best hairstyle for your wedding day. The technique is practical, glamorous, and a favorite among brides. A soft crown volume and ponytail gathered above the nape of your neck make the style irresistibly elegant. The style allows your beaded lace straps, intricate appliques, dramatic necklines, and embellishments to take primary focus. You can use clip-in extensions for more volume.

5.    Straight and Sleek Cuts 

Brides looking for a modern chic style that exudes confidence can choose straight and sleek styles. The style is perfect for minimalist and extravagantly detailed gowns and works well with simple accessories. If you don’t want waves or have hair that won’t hold curls, go for straight and sleek styles. You can choose from different options, including blunt cuts, side-swept bangs, side-swept pixies, and long layers. The style works with extensions and voluminous veils.

6.    Low-Set Updo With Tendrils

Updo’s are everyday hairstyles that work for your wedding day. Low-set updos with delicate tendrils enhance romance and produce a feminine innocence. The tendrils should be loose and delicate framed according to your face. You can use any compatible low-set updo and style it with ribbons, Parisian flairs, boho-vibe braids, twists, buns, and floral hairpins. The stunning style matches perfectly with accessories, extensions, and gowns.

7.    Soft, Side, and Long Curls

Curls are a great style for brides with medium and long locks. You can find many curly hairstyles to go with your gown and accessories. Layered curls reveal the inner diva, while long, soft curls with a little pin-up and Hollywood glam give you a classic appeal. If you have short hair, face-framing curls can reveal your personality. Curls also work with hair extensions, crown jewelry, and veils. You can wear the style for classic and modern weddings.

Other Top Hair Styles for Your Wedding Day

Brides can find many other hairstyles for their wedding day. Tight locks are ideal for beach weddings and pre-wedding celebrations. Quirky hairstyles fit a more relaxed setting. You can also choose pixies, textured bobs, faux hawks, messy layers, tousled layers, bangs, blunt cuts, and more. Hair stylists can come up with hundreds of unique styles for your wedding day. You can find short, medium, or long hair options and use extensions for better volume.

Hair Extensions, Jewelry, and Accessories

Wedding day hairstyles aren’t complete without jewelry and accessories. You can use accessories and embellishments to elevate the style and give your best features center stage. Stick to premium quality hair extensions and accessories and use experienced stylists. You can consider veil styles. Keep the accessories simple to give room for your hair, face, and embellishments to show.

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