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Benefits of Seeing a Root Canal Dentist In Toledo

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Gone are the days when tooth extraction was the way to stop a toothache or get rid of a damaged or decayed tooth. Instead, modern dentistry allows you to get a root canal from a dentist in Toledo, OH, or any other city of your choice. Not only that, the dental procedure is safe and done under local anesthesia to reduce discomfort. In the end, you’ll save your tooth and protect your smile.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is an endodontic treatment that can also be done by a dentist with specialized training. It is typically recommended when there is deep decay, inflammation, or infection inside the tooth (the pulp). An abscess may develop in some cases.

The quick and relatively painless procedure is quite similar to getting tooth fillings and is usually completed in one or two appointments.

Your dentist will numb the gum around the affected tooth then access and remove the infected pulp. The tooth is then cleaned, disinfected, and filled with temporary filling. The filling is removed at your next appointment and a customized replacement crown is used to restore the tooth.

4 Benefits of Root Canal Therapy from a Dentist In Toledo

The American Association of Endodontists (AAE), says saving your natural teeth is always the best option, if possible. You’ll also enjoy these other benefits.

1. Pain relief

A deep decay, infection, or abscess usually causes moderate to severe pain. Toothache can be discomforting and interfere with daily function. Taking pain medications or natural remedies only provides temporary relief. On the other hand, removing the diseased pulp gets rid of the bacterial infection and stops the pain for good. A root canal also prevents reinfection of the treated tooth.

2. Virtually Pain-Free

Root canal treatment from your dentist in Toledo is virtually painless and recovery is faster than tooth extraction. According to the AAE, root canal patients are six times more likely to find the treatment painless than patients who extracted a tooth. Thanks to the advancement in dental technology and effective anesthesia.

3. Tooth Restoration

Getting rid of the diseased tooth pulp and replacing your crown restores your tooth. It also improves your overall oral health by protecting nearby teeth from decay. The tooth will maintain its natural appearance and feel and function like your other teeth. No need to hide your smile any longer and you can enjoy the foods you love!

4. Cheaper than extraction

Tooth extraction can cost more in the long run because of follow-up treatments to bridge the gap. Needing a denture, bridge, or implant only drives up the cost and your insurance provider may only cover part of it. Implants are generally not covered. Meanwhile, most dental insurance plans cover a root canal procedure and crown restoration.

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