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Benefits of custom candle boxes for a business

by Hira Umair
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The candle has an aesthetic value in our lives. It has physical as well as psychological impacts on one’s life. Custom wholesale boxes for candles give a variety of sizes and shapes to the manufacturers according to the likings and demands of the consumers. In today’s world where everyone is conscious of the décor and looks of the houses, candles play a great part in further glorifying all these aspects. Custom wholesale boxes are designed in a way to fulfill the promise of providing the best to the consumers.

Custom packaging always comes to you in a variety of designs, styles, and shapes. In the same way candles, wholesale custom packaging benefits your business to new horizons.

Types of candle boxes:

There are different types of candle boxes in the market

Rod-shaped candle boxes

Cardboard window candle boxes

Rigid candle boxes with single flips

Metallic candle boxes

Wooden candle boxes

And so on

They all have qualities that make them a suitable choice for candle Packaging and boxing.

Types of candle wax:

Candle wax is of the following types;

Soy wax

Lemon wax

Paraffin wax


Palm wax

And so on

All these types need utmost attention and care to be dealt with.

Benefits of candle boxes:

  1. Anti-water and anti-heat stock:

The wax of the candle is a very sensitive thing that needs utmost attention and care. The string in the wax needs not to be misplaced at all. So to give candles the best protection, candle boxes are there. They are made of Kraft stock and are strong with heat and water-resistant qualities. This keeps the inside material safe and sound.

  • Durability maintaining stock:

The boxes are designed to retain the durability of the inside material. The wavy nature of the inside of the box offers friction packaging to the candle. The sensitive material of the candle stays in its form all thanks to the stock of the material available.

  • Eco-friendly boxes:

Now to protect the candle does not mean that there would be something extraordinary in its stock. The same original cardboard or Kraft material is efficient enough to keep the quality of the candles and secondly, they are not harmful that they would be ruining the environment. They are eco-friendly and highly compatible with the environment and do not emit anything disastrous in the soil or air once they are decomposed.

  • Travel prone material :

In this era of high rate trade between the countries, the commodities of home décor have also progressed. Countries do import and export these Materials also. So when candles are to be transferred from one place to another, they need comfortable yet easy tertiary packaging. For such purposes, the stock of the box needs to be strong and long-lasting. The flutes inside their walls give them extra strength that allows them to bear the extremities of weather and long-distance traveling.

So corrugated and rigid containers never fail to amaze us with their high protective qualities.

Importance of candles in our lives:

When you are born, a candle is lit; when you die, a candle is lit. So from life to death, the candle has a place in our hearts. You want to celebrate a birthday; light a candle, you want to celebrate any event; light a candle, you want to mourn the death of someone; light a candle, you want to welcome or say farewell to someone; light a candle, because candle gives us a ray of light; a ray of life.

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