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Bachelor Party Ideas: Planning an Unforgettable Party

by Willy Beamen
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Last modified on April 27th, 2023 at 8:59 am

If you’ve recently been asked to be a best man or groomsman at a wedding, you’re surely thinking about how you will surprise your friend with the most epic bachelor party. As opposed to what movies tell us, the event should not take place the day before the wedding in order to make sure everyone makes it in time and in one piece. With that in mind, as someone in charge of planning the party, you want to time it somewhere from one to four months prior to the wedding. In addition to deciding on the invitees, you will also have to think of some ideas that will make the day truly unforgettable. Here are some bachelor party ideas to consider.

Go on a road trip

In case the entire wedding party likes to travel, why not go on a road trip and visit a few spots? For instance, you can have an end destination like Las Vegas where you can go gambling or Sydney where you can have dinner while cruising the harbor. You can rent an RV and plan your route so that you get to stop at many interesting places where you can see and learn new things. However, carefully plan your budget as you don’t want to overspend in the first location you visit.

Immerse yourselves in the wilderness

The destination at the end of your road trip can also be a wilderness spot. For example, you can escape the city for the weekend and go camping at some remote location. If anyone you know owns a cabin, this can be an affordable option for a bachelor party as well, in case you can’t afford to rent a lodge. Then, you can also go on a hike or try mountain biking if you like bonding while exploring nature.

Try some new daring activities

Maybe mountain biking isn’t as daring as you’d like. In that case, worry not as there is a wide array of activities you can opt for during your bachelor party. For instance, have you ever considered skydiving? Do some research to see if this adrenaline-filled experience is available in your area. Moreover, you can also try bungee jumping, rent an ATV or dune buggy, go surfing, skiing, or snowboarding, or give white water rafting a go.

It is important to keep in mind the guests’ needs and preferences. Make sure there is ample space to accommodate activities, create a comfortable environment with plenty of seating and provide any necessary amenities such as towels or toiletries. Then consider a theme and coordinate the decorations accordingly. From balloons and banners to floral arrangements and food served on disposable party plates for easier cleaning, there are countless ways to infuse a fun and festive atmosphere into the space.

Organize a bar crawl

For a more traditional type of bachelor party, you can also organize a bar crawl. Decide how many pubs you want to visit during the night and make a plan. To make it to the end, make sure you pace yourselves and not drink too much in the first place you visit. On the other hand, you can also check if any of the venues offer behind-the-scenes tours so that you can see how they work and maybe even make your own drink.

Visit a strip club or brothel

An activity that is a must at many bachelor parties is visiting a strip club. However, going to such an establishment for “one last night of freedom” should first be checked with the bride and groom. What is more, if the soon-to-be newlyweds approve, you can even think about looking for discrete Melbourne brothels where the groomsmen can have a memorable time.

Get tickets to a sporting event

Huge sports buffs will also appreciate you taking them to a sporting event. If there is a boxing match or some similar event available in your area, you should keep an eye out and get tickets on time. Maybe watching football or basketball is more your style so consider watching a live game before starting your bar crawl or moving on to some other activities. Lastly, you can even try some sports like golfing or going to a batting cage.

Keep it low-key

Lastly, the groom might want a more low-key party. In that case, just use someone’s home, get all the food and alcohol you want, and opt for some activities that make you happy. You can compete at your favorite video games, watch your all-time favorite movie, or catch a game on the TV. For a surprise, you can maybe find the groom’s favorite celebrity on platforms like Cameo and ask for a shout-out. That will surely make him grateful and the whole party unforgettable. 

When organizing a bachelor party, you have many interesting ideas at your disposal. Keep the interests of the groom and groomsmen in mind and plan accordingly.

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