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Artificial Intelligence: How it can Improve UI and UX of Your Website

by Kashif Khan
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Last modified on June 22nd, 2022 at 3:58 pm

AI is not the future to wait for. It’s already here, and many companies are using it. The machines are getting better at identifying patterns. AI is bringing changes to the web designing industry. A good web design attracts people and encourages them to engage with the brand.

Artificial Intelligence simplifies things and makes them easy for you. You can reach your audience on a more personal level.

Let’s find out the role AI plays in enhancing user experience.

AI Helps in Personalisation

Customers expect more from businesses than ever before. They are well-informed and know how marketing works. They are fed up with ads every day. So, personalised marketing is the only thing that works.

Some customers see ads as intrusive. They use ad blockers to block ads. It means marketers have to get creative to reach them. Businesses compete with each other for customers. That is one reason why businesses get the digital marketing services of agencies.

Customers are annoyed when companies give irrelevant suggestions. AI can predict human behaviour based on data. It can give them customised apps, tabs, and apps. Customers will only see images and products they like.

AI helps companies add a personal touch to their business. People start to build a relationship with the brand. It’s a relationship not just based on money but also emotions. As the brand becomes more human, more people buy its products or services.

Major companies have found success with AI personalisation. Google gives personalised results based on location, user intent, and other parameters. YouTube tracks your viewing history to give personalised video recommendations.

Netflix is a big brand leveraging the power of AI personalisation. It gives movie recommendations based on user behaviour.

hatbots Improves UX 

Chatbots are becoming more common. They are efficient in advertising and providing customer support. To find the best chatbot for your site, get the digital marketing services of an agency.

People these days are impulsive. They want quick fixes and solutions. No matter how many customer-service representatives companies hire, they fall short. It’s frustrating and emotionally draining to answer a lot of queries. There is also the problem of human errors.

AI chatbots can perform multiple operations at a single time. They can work faster. Chatbots get user input from texts and voice texts. It uses the data to predict human behaviour.

But using bots to provide customer support lacks the human touch. Bots lack empathy and can’t express emotions. But things are changing with developments in machine learning.

Experts are developing chatbots that possess a sense of empathy. They are also trying to create bots that predict human emotions.

AI chatbots can work 24/7. It can work without getting tired or frustrated, as is the case with humans. It increases productivity without taking a lot of time.

AI chatbots thus help in improving the user experience of a site. As users will find answers to their questions, they will revisit the site. It leads to higher rankings and more conversions. For help with chatbots, work with a web design company in India.

AI for Localisation:

AI helps translate the content in a site for a local audience. Machine learning is getting better to avoid word-for-word translation. AI is good at preserving the essence of the content without it getting lost in translation.

AI now can track the evolution of languages. It helps you avoid using outdated words in translation. It can also identify idioms and phrases peculiar to a region. The good thing is that AI can identify peculiarities at the very minute level. AI also helps in translating languages that are written from right to left like Hebrew and Arabic.

It’s not just for text. AI can also localise images and videos. This way, it helps in laser-focused targeting. It also helps businesses to localise their sites for their target audiences.

AI in localisation helps businesses save money. They don’t have to hire translators and editors. With AI, you can scale up and produce more content. All this you can do without compromising in quality.

AI in Web Personalisation

AI helps in showing personalised landing pages to users. When they enter a site, it can show the blog posts that are in their interest. If you want help with web personalisation, work with a web design company in India.

AI can detect the device, OS, and platform of the user. It uses this information to create adaptive user interfaces. It does not just apply to websites, but various sections in it.

With the help of AI, people have more control over what they see on the web. They can choose the designs they like. It helps companies to give personalised recommendations, layout, and content. In this way, AI is changing the web design industry.

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