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Aluminium Coping – A Metal Alternative to Finishing Your Parapet Wall

by Khubaib Rasheeda
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If you’re building or renovating a structure with a parapet wall, one important design consideration is how to finish or cap off the top of that wall. Rather than using traditional materials like brick, stone or concrete, many architects and builders are now opting for aluminium coping as an attractive and durable alternative. 

What is Parapet Wall Coping?

A parapet wall is a short wall extension that rises above the roof line, generally for aesthetic purposes or to conceal rooftop mechanical equipment. An aluminium coping serves as the finishing touch for the upper section of a parapet wall while also protecting it from weather damage.

Aluminium copings are made from aluminium metal and come in a wide range of styles and finishes to match the existing architecture and materials. The coping can be made with decorative faces, shapes and detailing while still providing excellent performance.

Benefits of Aluminium Parapet Wall Coping

Compared to other traditional finishing options, aluminium coping offers significant advantages that make it an ideal choice in many cases:

Durability – Aluminium is lightweight, rustproof and withstands weathering far longer than materials like wood, iron or steel. Copings made from aluminium will last for decades without much deterioration.

Low Maintenance – Unlike other materials, aluminium copings don’t require regular repainting, staining or other upkeep to maintain their look. Their durability and fade resistance keep maintenance needs to a minimum.

Design Versatility – Aluminium copings can be formed into a wide array of shapes, textures and colours. This allows them to complement modern, classic or eclectic architectural styles. Custom options are also available.

Lightweight – Even large aluminium copings are lighter than most other materials. This eases aluminium coping installation and puts less stress on the parapet wall itself.

Weather Resistance – Aluminium copings withstand exposure exceptionally well. Rain, snow, salt spray and other elements will not easily damage or corrode aluminium copings.

Cost Effectiveness – The long lifespan of aluminium coping makes it a good value for the money. There are also more design options available at a lower cost compared to custom stone or metalwork.

Steps to Install Aluminium Parapet Wall Coping 

Installing aluminium parapet wall coping is a relatively straightforward process best performed by an experienced professional team. The key steps include:

  • Measure the perimeter of the parapet wall and order the properly sized coping material. 
  • Thoroughly clean and prepare the mounting location on top of the parapet wall.
  • Place the coping pieces end-to-end around the perimeter per the manufacturer’s layout guidelines.
  • Use a drill to fasten the anchor plates on the underside of the capping to the roof edge using appropriate screws.
  • Seal all seams and joints completely with silicone or another flexible, waterproof sealant. Allow the sealant to set.
  • Perform a final check that all coping pieces are properly aligned, securely mounted and sealed.

The Bottom Line

With precision aluminium coping installed by qualified professionals, your building can benefit from parapet wall protection and enrichment for decades to come. This versatile metal material caps off parapet walls beautifully while offering superior durability compared to traditional material options. Choose aluminium coping for an alluring finishing touch on your next construction or renovation project.

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