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A Step-By-Step Guideline on Biotec Facial Treatment

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If you are sick of skin problems and don’t want to trust any cosmetics. The magic which bio-tec can do, cosmetics can’t do it. These facials are a proven source of increasing cell energy level by 7%. It for sure makes our skin radiant. Pollution and dirt which is a part of the 21st century play their role in depleting cell renewal. The cosmetics can do damage to your skin but this facial can’t.

Explanation Of the Method of Facial Treatment:

Your therapist provides you with a menu of Biotec Facial Treatment out of which you have to choose the desired one. They prepare your skin through cleansing and exfoliation. Therapists apply high potency activators which play the role of catalyst in the reaction. It allows the deep penetration of products into the skin. The next step is the use of microcurrent by the use of micro rollers. The microcurrent is a physical source of making your skin firm and toning the skin very well. 

The best part it doesn’t produce even a small amount of side effect. After micro-currents therapist applies a hydrating mask on your skin. At the same time, you can enjoy the massage of the hand, arm, and scalp. The relaxation and feeling of being pampered are still the main aspects of the treatment. After a specific period, the therapist removes the mask from the face. He applies a moisturizing serum to end the treatment. The overall duration of this treatment takes is around 60 minutes. 

The Perks of Powers Behind Bio-Tec Treatment:

After knowing about the facial treatment, it is also important to know the perks of its technology. The only method can’t enforce the need for something in you. How is it going to impact your outlook matters a lot? So, in the next step, we are going to discuss its benefits.

  • Application Of Micro Current:

The microcurrent produces a tingling effect on your skin. This makes your skin firm and improves the tome of it. The tone of the skin gets better by the removal of dead skin cells. This is actually what the microcurrent do with your face. The small pulses of microcurrent gently re-educate the facial muscles. 

  • Application Of Ultra-Sonic:

The ultra-sonic spatula delivers 27,000 vibrations to the skin. This pushes impurities out of the skin and creates an exfoliating effect. 

  • Application Of Galvanic:

The use of galvanic source is a two-way process. The positive and negative ions are used to push products deeply into the skin. This increases their effect when reached a deeper level. The signs of stress which show you of old age can be minimized. 

  • Application Of Oxygen Infusion:

The powerful bursts of compressed oxygen therapists use on the skin. This burst includes 95% of pure oxygen and includes selected products of high potency. You can see visible plump outlines on the face and also it increases firmness.

  • Application Of Light Therapy:

In this therapy, technology emits light in the red or blue colour. The red light is responsible to assist the growth of the cells. The blue light creates anti-ageing and anti-irritating effect. This a very useful source of killing bacteria. 

Now you have complete information on how each power source affects your skin behind Biotec Facial Treatment. The different power sources have a different impact on your face skin. This is the reason why the therapist provides you menu first. The use of a power source always depends on the result you want to form this facial treatment. This facial treatment is popular because of no such side effects and is suitable for every skin type.

If you haven’t yet thought about using this treatment, it’s time to do so. This treatment has the potential of changing your outlook regardless of your wrong. What is wrong with having beautiful skin without any side effects? The more your outlook is beautiful, the more you feel confident among others. Whether you believe it or not, it truly acts as a confidence booster.

Concluding Arguments:

The positive effects of cosmetics mostly depend on your skin type.  Sometimes we experience the side effects of faulty cosmetics. But while having this facial treatment you can be sure of no side effects. You will experience glowing and fresh skin after 60 minutes. This will induce a positive wave in your whole body.

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