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9 Tips To Know Before You Go Zipline In Dubai

by Alisay blunt
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Zipline In Dubai

Without any doubt, ziplining is a must-have experience at least once in life. UAE has got the world’s longest zipline called “Jebel Jais Flight” in Ras al-Khaimah. It allows thrill-seekers to enjoy the exhilarating jolts of the highest mountain with 7234 feet long zipline in the dubai UAE.

However, it is worth trying for the experienced ones. For newbies, there are many zip lining options in Dubai which is an amazing opportunity to get over your fears. The best part of the Dubai zipline is that you can enjoy the wonderful view of the iconic buildings and Dubai skyscrapers. Adrenaline junkies can also enjoy the largest zipline in Dubai at XLine Dubai Marina, Aventura Parks, and more.

Do you fear height? Nothing to shy about. Everyone has fears but do not forget that life becomes at the end of your comfort zone. Ziplining allows you to enjoy wonderful views and thrilling jolts of energy. Having said that, following some tips can make the experience better and more exciting for entrants.

9 Tips To Zipline Like A Pro

Zipline ride does not require special skills or age. It is just like landing on the platform and jumping. Below are some tips for beginners that can engrave their first experience in their memory as first experiences remain there for life.

1.       Select the right zipline

Dubai offers different courses for zipline rides. In fact, you will find these options in other zipline ride destinations as well. There are four courses for ziplining. You can take side-by-side zipline rides with your friend. It is the best opportunity to enjoy yourself with your gang. Another plus point for beginners is that they would not be alone. Having a company can make it more fun.  However, scenic routes are for those who like forest views as it takes you through the trees and gives a splendid view of the forest. The journey can be breathtaking from the start till the end.

2.       Listen to the guide carefully

The prime step is to hear carefully what your guide says. We take it at least as important because being surrounded by your favorite people makes guide instructions unnoticeable. Kids play areas are separate here children can play and do outdoor activities.But believe me, these instructions will keep you safe up there, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Nothing to get scared of. Guidelines are important in every adventurous journey of life.

3.       Dress properly

There are no specific uniform or dress code restrictions. However, go for something comfortable with breathable fabric because it will make your experience worthwhile if you are at ease. Just pair your trousers with a comfy T-shirt or tank top. Do not wear sandals, flip-flops, or open shoes. Go for sneakers or hiking boots as you can either look after your favorite shoes or yourself, and you can’t make a choice up there, right? Likewise, do not wear any jewelry pieces as they can get tangled with the rope.

4.       Be informed about the basics

Having an idea about what is going to happen and how the zipline in dubai ride works can help in coping with fear and avoiding dangers. So, do your research, and ask your friends and family who have tried it before. If you do not have anyone experienced around you, do not worry, the guide will notify you with every bit of it.

5.       Empty your pockets

Do not keep your expensive gadgets in your pocket for selfies, as you will find everything flying out. Similarly, having some stuff you would not want to get lost can make you uneasy during the course. You will not like things to go bad after spending money.

6.       Be brave

Being scared during the first experience is quite normal. You will be at the peak of nervousness and anxiety until you jump off the platform. Know that fighting fear is the start of making unforgettable life memories.

7.       Do not take selfies

Concentration is the key during the first ride. Taking selfies can be fun but focus on your flight to make it safe and memorable. Such team building activities do need selfies as they get captured in mind.

8.       Weight restrictions

Every place has its own terms and conditions. That is why better ask them about weight restrictions if they have any. Most places put restrictions to ensure safe flight as extra weight can put you in danger.

9.       Test your safety gears

Safety gears like gloves, helmets, and harnesses help you hold on to the zipline. Check if you have everything on tight and secure before jumping.  

Final Thoughts

All in all, ziplining is a worthwhile experience everyone should have once in life because life is about making memories you can cherish forever. 

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