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8 Interesting Facts about Eye Color you Need to Know About!

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Last modified on November 17th, 2022 at 6:45 pm

8 Interesting Facts about Eye Color you Need to Know About

Being an Asian, I have always struggled to find meaning with my dark brown eye color. They say eyes are the window to our soul yet somehow I would always struggle with my brown windows while truly drooling over beautiful ocean-blue and deep green and brilliant greys of people around.  Fascinated with the beautiful eye color worldwide, I would often think of why some eye colors were so different from one another? Why did my brother have golden brown and I had dark brown? What really determines our eye color and can we ever change them? To my surprise, there are much more than unique colors of our eyes.

To learn more about eyes, I learnt that our eye colors are determined by some amazing factors. According to one of the top eye surgeons in Karachi our eyes have much more to reveal than just helping us see. Here are some interesting facts I have learnt about the color of our eyes.

Blue-grey eye color has little to no melanin

Melanin is a pigment that determines our eye color. Someone who has a lot of melanin will have darker eyes than the one who does not. Melanin is present at the top of the iris and as the iris develops it produces more cells, hence darkening the color pigment. Babies at the time of birth do not have a lot of melanin which is why they have blue-ish grey eyes at the time of birth. As the iris develops their eye color begins to change. It takes up to 6 to 36 months for the true color to begin to appear.

Eye color is a multi-gene trait

Previously people have assumed the dominating gene to be the determinant of the final eye color, however, latest studies suggest otherwise. Your eye color is determined because of multiple genes and not a single gene. Even if you have brown eyes, they are because multiple genes have been at play to give you your eye color.

You can turn your colored eyes to brown

Wait how is that possible? Certain glaucoma drops have been known to turn blue or green colored iris to turn to brown-eyes color. But wait! This can be a little dangerous as the gene you are born with cannot be changed the way you wish them to be, therefore do not go experimenting about and buy lenses, if you are truly obsessed with colored eyes.

Brown eye color is the most common and green eye color is rare

When it comes to eye colors, our eyes have a huge spectrum of eye colors. We identify our eyes according to blue, green, brown, and grey but in reality, colored eyes are a blend of different colors. Most blends turn into shades of brown which is why Brown is the most common eye color on the spectrum, whereas green eye color is rarely found.

Brown eyes are blue underneath!

Sounds a little crazy right? It absolutely is!

Before I knew this I would often dream of having ocean blue eyes. Little did I know that in fact I do have blue eyes but they are only covered with more melanin? If I had less melanin my eyes would have naturally been blue.


You can have two different eye colors!

Have you ever seen someone with two different eye colors? Well, this is more frequent in cats that have one brown and one blue color. But needless to say, humans can also have the same condition. This is called heterochromia in which you are naturally born with two different eye colors.

Sounds best of both worlds, doesn’t it?

All blue-eyed people share a common ancestor

All the people born with blue eyes must have had one ancestor in common. No matter what degree of blue color you have, all the blue-eye folks go back to one single ancestor.

Our eyes are our fastest muscle

Despite our eye colors, almost all of us share one thing in common. The number of times weblink. On average, a person blinks 12 times per minute making it up to 10,000 blinks per day. According to an interesting eye survey in Bibi Zahida Eye Clinic, weblink much more than we talk! Moreover each of our blink differs from each other!


I am sure you are as blown away as I was when I first learned about these amazing eye facts. Do keep a tab on them for your extra information. Next time, you hang out with your friends, let them know all about their brown-blue eyes!

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