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7 Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Wireless Headsets

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Plantronics wireless headsets

Plantronics wireless headsets are designed particularly to bring ease and simplicity to the life of users with the help of their wonderful technological aspects. They are highly preferred by people because they offer an immersive acoustic experience. They are accountable for eliminating the impact of annoying noise signals to ensure crystal clear communication solutions. Additionally, they help people to enjoy an uninterrupted listening experience with the help of perfect battery life. Increased clarity and improved communication solutions can be offered for increasing customer satisfaction.

Let’s discuss seven interesting and unknown facts about wireless headphones:

1) Codecs:

Most basic models work with SBC, which is a codec that fails to support higher high-resolution music. It tends to sound a little flat due to the limited transmission speed utilized by the codec. Apple earbuds support SBC and higher quality AAC. The gadgets that support SBC, aptX, or LDAC are not usually recommended because of their low-quality performance. The latest versions of Android support Bluetooth audio codecs.

2) Plantronics Wireless Headsets Battery Life:

Wireless earphones refuel their charge by using power from a battery built within a charging case. Such a case can charge the gadget around three to four times before it needs to be charged itself. They have an estimated playing time of around three and four hours.

The duration may vary depending on the model. Uninterrupted listening sessions can be relished with the help of a gadget with increased battery life. These earphones can be used for accomplishing business targets due to their remarkable battery life. Users can enjoy an immersive listening experience to increase their listening pleasure.

3) Noise-Cancelling Feature:

The noise reduction feature of Plantronics wireless headsets is accountable for grabbing the attention of more users. This feature helps to attain increased clarity and improved acoustic quality for the sake of user satisfaction. Unwanted surrounding interference can be completely avoided for ensuring incredible clarity.


All wireless headphones are not equipped with this feature which cannot be acceptable bt users at all. This feature helps to reduce the volume of background noises. The proper functioning of this feature requires additional battery power. Thus, these headphones end up offering shorter listening times which is a quite surprising aspect for the users.

4) Controls:

Some people are unaware of the fact that wireless earphones consist of control pads or buttons. These buttons are quite helpful for increasing volume, skipping a track, or making a phone call. The volume of the audio can be adjusted according to your requirement for increasing the amusement level.

Some earphones automatically pause music when you pull them out of your ears. These controls are quite helpful for bringing ease and simplicity to the life of users. Moreover, they are also quite useful for improving the listening experience of users. Cheap earphones lack these controls, which are quite annoying for users while listening to their favorite soundtracks.

5) Considerable Range and Talk Time:

Most of these headphones offer a range of up to 30 feet from your desk. However, cordless headphones that use DECT technology have a range of up to 300 to 350 feet. Fully charged headphones allow up to 4-8 hours of talk time. These earphones can be used in offices for achieving business targets effectively. Users can collaborate in an improved manner by moving freely while talking on a phone call.

6) Lightweight Nature:

The lightweight nature of these earphones allows users to interact appropriately without any difficulty. Over-ear designs mean that they remain secure in the ear without needed to be located too deeply in the ear canal. They ensure a perfect fit for the sake of the user’s convenience. A large variety of ear tips are available in the marketplace to make sure that you get the right fit and a high comfort level.

It ensures a perfect fit without pressure on the ear canal. They are quite comfy and do not cause discomfort while wearing them for a long time. Jabra wireless headsets permit people to move freely while talking on a phone call. Moreover, their premium sound quality is also a fundamental aspect for attaining customer satisfaction.

7) Plantronics Wireless Headsets Sound Quality and Security:

Many cordless earphones offer voice communication secured by digitally encrypted DECT 6.0 technology. They lessen the chance of interference with other technologies and communication devices in your office. Most cordless earphones use digital signal processing for making calls with perfect audio quality.

DSP helps to create clear, crisp, and natural sound for grabbing the attention of more users. Crystal clear audio can be relished with the help of these high-quality earphones. Sennheiser wireless headsetsare accountable for achieving communication targets with the help of perfect sound quality and remarkable battery life.

Final Words:

All the above-mentioned facts regarding wireless headphones are quite helpful for clarifying their significance. The exceptional battery life of these headphones is accountable for grabbing the attention of more users.

Additionally, these earphones allow users to collaborate effectively through their lightweight nature. Their extended range is also liable to increase their efficiency. They can be easily connected to multiple devices for increasing the listening pleasure of users. Numerous high-quality gadgets like Plantronics Wireless Headsets are offered at FindHeadsets for satisfying the needs of users.  

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