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6 Upcoming UI/UX Design Trends That Tech Firms Must Consider

by John paul
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Last modified on September 7th, 2022 at 9:39 am

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A positive user experience is essential for the success of a technological product or service in the marketplace. And a successful UX frequently relies mainly on the UI of an app or a website. Your UX will be poor if the UI isn’t appealing and straightforward to operate for ordinary customers. And for this, you may hire a UX design agency. Meanwhile, UI and UX design concepts and trends evolve yearly as tech advances, becoming increasingly intertwined. So, let’s dive into the top UI/UX advancements for 2022 and learn how firms use them.

  • 90s Vintage

The vintage design will be popular in many fields in 2022, including apparel, home design, music, and print. Furthermore, it is naturally incorporated into web design.

Old periodicals influenced the striking characteristics of this design. Vintage style incorporates vibrant and neutral colours, rounded line graphics, shadows, strong shapes, exquisite serif lettering, etc. As such, combining old styles with a modern creative approach creates a new and distinctive trend. So, it’s no surprise that people say, “everything new is well forgotten old.”

  • More In-Depth Design Thinking

Most businesses consider design innovation to be a collection of tools and processes. While this is correct on the exterior, idea generation is more complex, as it is a manner of understanding issues and solutions to have a commercial effect. As such, more essential are the attitudes that drive the toolkits.

  • Artistic Illustrations

Designers seek a strategy to capture the audience and retain their interest in the website or service. And while clean vector graphics of individuals and objects have been popular for some years, it is time to shift gears.

But what about imperfect illustrations? Graphics with shape and texture, shifting layer thickness, and even drawn freestyle by artists are examples of this. Besides, some recent UI / UX trends portray humans with various skin tones, body shapes, and ethnicities, while they are all distinct and gorgeous in their own sense.

  • Scrollytelling

Scrolling is the latest technique to communicate with people about the brand, service, or organisation. People browse through their social media feeds, phone images, message conversations, and much more daily. So, because the customer is already aware of this pattern, it may be utilised for various reasons. For instance, you might create a webpage where the core idea is taught bit by bit as you scroll. Moreover, it is critical to comprehend the content and the context where this trend can be used.

  • Simplicity

The core of UI/UX in today’s design environment is based on “less is more.” Users seek consumer-grade ease of use, while product and technology businesses have come to view the design from a fresh perspective. As such, the UX and UI are no longer distinct design elements; they are instead referred to together as “product design.”

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

Both technologies will undoubtedly become important UX/UI trends in 2022. AR and VR bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, and they allow users to interpret information visibly similarly to what they experience in the world. Besides, the revelation of Metaverse, a brand new program from Facebook, fuelled the demand for VR. And in order to underline its links to this initiative, the corporation renamed itself Meta. 

Now that you’re familiar with various 2022 UX/UI trends don’t forget the most important thing: For whoever it’s designed for, it must be straightforward and, most importantly, user-friendly. Nevertheless, the primary purpose of a  UX design agency is to assist users in achieving their objectives. Hence, you must also not forget to hire the best one in business.

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