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6 Top Reasons to Choose Unique Cosmetics Boxes Wholesale

by Will Smith
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Today, we can see how product packaging ends up being a silent seller for many brands. In fact, approximately 80 percent of customers see the packaging before they purchase a product. The same case applies further when it comes to selling in the highly competitive cosmetic industry. In this market, product presentation is very important. In response, many cosmetic brands have shifted their preference to cosmetics boxes wholesale. Why? Let’s explore the top 6 reasons!

  1. Cosmetic Packaging Box Comes in Lightweight

Customization options make it easy to design your boxes with your own creativities. For instance, by measuring the right size, you can make easy-to handle box. Even better, your incredible cosmetic packaging box will be super easy to move from one place to another. Yes, one of the best reasons to choose this box is that it comes in lightweight.

After all, when it comes to shipping delicate cosmetic products, it can be quite challenging. Why?

Because the shipping cost depends on the weight of the products and your boxes as well. 

Hence, the lighter weight of the box will help you keep overall shipping costs to a low budget.

  1. Packaging Boxes for Cosmetics Are Affordable for Any Business

Yes, packaging boxes for cosmetics are available at very affordable prices. In fact, these innovative boxes are available to help many brands with their displaying and daily shipping.

The best part is that these durable boxes came from high-quality packaging materials, such as:

  • Cardboard
  • Paperboard
  • Corrugated
  • Kraft
  • Rigid

Far better, you can increase the beauty of your boxes with innovative printing ideas. 

For instance, you can edit the font styles with creative and trendy ideas. Or else, you can write with glitter and colorful printing options. The best part? You can add your brand message for your customers by printing your boxes.

For better selling your cosmetic products, you can print some essentials below!

  • Name of product
  • Brand name or logo
  • Specification and features
  • Using instructions
  • Best before dates
  • Price tags and more

Another important thing is that these boxes can be a perfect marketing tool for your brand. Thus, you don’t need to spend a huge budget for those expensive commercial advertisements. At this point, we can clearly say that these boxes will not be expensive at all. In fact, any business can afford them!

  1. Customizable Features for Cosmetic Box Packaging Make Your Products More Visible

Yes, you can customize your cosmetic box packaging easily according to your branding themes. Accordingly, working with a professional packaging company allows you to get the box you need. In fact, you can get the right one in any designs, shapes, colors, and sizes.

For example, you can apply the innovative embossing or debossing technique. These techniques can build brand credibility easily. Or else, you can also personalize your cosmetic boxes wholesale to catch more customers. In the end, this will make your products more visible to those market customers. 

Moreover, to beautify your boxes, you can apply some decorating items. As a result, these decorating items will be make a huge difference between your products and others.

  • Ribbon
  • Ties
  • Gift tags
  • Thank-you notes
  • Paper flower
  1. Box Packaging for Cosmetics Comes in Various Styles

Box packaging for cosmetics comes in a variety of types and styles. Eventually, you can choose the one that matches your brand identity. 

For the Packaging Style

To make your packaging look different, you can choose from various unique styles. However, make sure that the style complements your lovely product inside. 

Have a look below for the most popular styles!

  • A pillow shape packaging style
  • A pyramid-style packaging
  • A two-piece layout
  • A drawer packaging style
  • And more other options

Choosing the right style allows you to display and sell your cosmetic products proudly.

Flawless Finishing Options Availability

Besides the style, you can also polish your boxes with flawless finishing options. Well, there are various options you can choose from. 

Some of the most popular finishing options are such as:

  • Embossing and debossing
  • Gold and silver foiling
  • Spot UV
  • Glossy and matte coating

At the end of the day, these finishing options will deliver an impressive look for your products. These options not only work for the product’s beauty. More than that, they will also give them a new look. This way, it will be easier to make them more noticeable on the store shelves.

  1. Printing on Lip Gloss Boxes Helps You Provide Additional Product Protection

We all know that those standard boxes cannot provide sufficient product protection during a shipping journey. On the other hand, durable lip gloss boxes can be very useful. Come with high sturdiness, these boxes will prevent your delicate products from getting damaged.

Additionally, if you want to give additional product protection, you can also apply:

  • Custom inserts
  • Dividers
  • Eva foam
  • Bubble wrap
  1. Eco-Friendly Packaging Is Safe for the Environment

Of course, colorful printing on trendy packaging will grab the attention of prospective customers. But do you know that this custom packaging can also attract attention for the wrong reasons? 

In this polluting modern industry, we know that non-recyclable packaging boxes are now considered toxic.

Undeniably, the negative consequences of using unrecyclable boxes are appearing. 

Considering this in mind, you need to fit in the eco-friendly feature into your boxes. 

For instance, you can use:

  • Recyclable and reusable packaging materials
  • Green printing techniques and eco-friendly ink
  • Avoid applying unnecessary customization
  • Decide the right amount of material to minimize packaging waste

In the end, environmentally friendly packaging allows your business to contribute to environmental protection. At the same time, you will get the opportunity to avoid the risk of customer disappointment. Well, isn’t that sound great? 

In Summary

Without any doubt, wrapping your exclusive cosmetic products in beautiful cosmetic boxes wholesale will attract more customers. In fact, these innovative boxes help many brands with their packaging, displaying, and daily shipping. Eventually, these boxes are ideal to highlight your cosmetic products. Yes, there are many convincing reasons to choose and use these boxes. In simple words, we must say that these boxes can be the best investment your cosmetic business should do!

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