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5 Trucking Myths, You Must Stop Believing Now!

by Abdus Subhan
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Last modified on March 13th, 2023 at 9:57 am


With global transportation levels picking up pace after two years of slowdown due to the Covid-pandemic, anyone interested in starting a trucking company must know it’s the best time to invest.

Although there are significant disruptors in the path, like labor shortages, inflation, and a looming recession, one thing experts can assure is the undying popularity of the trucking business. Look at the global statistics, and you’ll notice an increase in freight and hauling companies. The sole reason is that businesses are looking to ramp up their supply chain management systems. 

So, if you are interested in getting into the trucking business as an owner-operator or entrepreneur, you must stay away from these five trucking myths:

Myth 1: Truckers are not safe on the road.

The biggest misconception about trucking is that it is dangerous. However, the case is slightly different. The FMCSA has proper regulations in place to regulate the trucking industry. All the transport authorities ensure that everyone on the road, including truck drivers and others, has a safe passage.

Plus, trucking companies need to ensure all hauling vehicles are in perfect condition not to cause any damage to the driver or anybody else. That’s why owner-operators carry out regular inspections and maintenance of their trucks.

Myth 2: Trucking is not a well-paid profession.

Well, that’s a big NO. On the contrary, trucking is well-paid simply because the industry is growing and requires qualified drivers. Truckers, on average, earn better than other professionals, and their average salary can vary between $65-70 thousand per year. The job is challenging and requires excellent driving skills. That’s why the industry pays everyone well, especially truck drivers.

Next time someone says truckers don’t earn well, give them an estimate of this earning potential.

Myth 3: Becoming an entrepreneur in the trucking industry is not possible

Many truck drivers walk out from trucking companies to start their own trucking businesses. While it goes well for some, others may need help managing the operational and logistics tasks. Starting a trucking company can be challenging; it requires effort and the proper guidance to commit the goals set. 

However, new entrepreneurs in the trucking industry are given proper guidance and support, which can help them establish atrucking business plan in this highly competitive market.

Myth 4: Trucking is a Man’s job

Don’t know who told you this, but trucking is not a man’s job. Discard this misconception immediately, as women actively join the trucking industry as truckers. Not only does it add quality talent to the industry, but it also makes the job a lucrative profession.

The number of women in the trucking sector is currently engaged in services such as warehousing, business development, sales, planning, etc.; however, as the industry becomes more diverse, more women will eventually join.

Myth 5: Small expenses don’t make a big difference.

Anyone familiar with trucking understands the importance of small expenses such as fuel, maintenance, etc. Even getting regular inspections can cost you a thousand dollars.

Each expense matters in the industry, so keep tabs on your cash inflows and outflows, whether regular maintenance or filing mandatory Taxes such as 2290 Road Tax.

In short

Trucking involves risks but can be your most significant investment if approached correctly. The industry is growing, and you can expect a good ROI. So, if you plan to become a trucking owner-operator, stick to your plan, research, and explore all options. Finding a company that focus on trucking permit services to start your trucking company can make a big difference, there are a lot of ghost companies than can take away your money.

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