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5 Top-Rated Weekend Getaways for Students in USA

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Weekend Getaways for Students in USA

Being a student is combining the opposites, such as a thirst for travel and adventure with a limited budget. Though difficult, it is not impossible, as you only have to get a bit creative and be picky with the destination, time of visit, and type of transport. First and foremost, try to avoid peak times, as prices tend to increase then, but do not compromise quality for quantity. The prolongation of the holiday is not worth it if you have to do too much penny-pinching. Here are some ideas of places that will be great for a weekend getaway and will not cost all the money in the world.

Portland, Maine

If you manage to get rental cars, be sure to drive to Portland in Maine. It is a cozy seaside town that has a great number of shops, restaurants, museums, and tours. It is the perfect place for the young to get away for the weekend and to change up the scenery. Nature is completely breath-taking, and there are lots of attractions to keep you entertained. Make sure to visit Portland Observatory as it is a unique place, the 1807 signal station. Also, you are sure to like Victoria Mansion and Portland Head Light and Museum. Some of the recreational activities include sailing, fishing, and going on a cruise. It is an ideal place for a getaway at any time during the year.

white lighthouse near body of water

Image: Unsplash

San Diego, California

Known as the birthplace of California, San Diego is one of the musts on the agenda of any tourist. Cheap car rentals for young drivers would be the perfect opportunity to explore the city and some of the nearby landmarks. Car rental for a 19-year-old is your way to go if you want to see the most within a weekend getaway. You should definitely start with Balboa Park as it’s one of the biggest draws for holidaymakers. This 1,400-acre place includes museums, gardens, green spaces, and plenty of magnificent Spanish architecture. 

brown dome building

Image: Unsplash

Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum is another site worth your time, even if you are here just for a short getaway. If you would like to delve deeper into the history, be sure to visit Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. On the other hand, San Diego beaches will be tempting to those willing to laze around or plainly relax.

photography of boat in body of water

Image: unsplash

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is one of the most exciting cities and it is the ideal place for a weekend getaway. There are lots of tourist attractions and plenty of things to see and try. Car rental for those under 21 is one of the ways to enjoy the city to its fullest as you will not depend on the schedule of public transport. In the city, be sure to stroll along the Navy Pier, originally an amusement area and shipping facility, which provides the perfect entertainment for tourists. Later on, stop by Millennium Park and visit the Cloud Gate sculpture, the most recognizable landmark of the city.  Willis Tower SkyDeck, which used to be the highest office block building in the world at one time, provides unparallel views of the city and should be included on your agenda.

photo of high-rise building

Image: Unsplash

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe is a stunning place filled with multiple cultural attractions and vibrant lively sites that are bound to make you fall in love with the city. Starting off with the marvelous wilderness at Hyde Memorial State Park, where you ought to enjoy hiking trails and camping sites. Besides in winter, you will have the pleasure of skiing at one of the multiple ski resorts near the city, like Ski Santa Fe, Taos Ski Valley, and Pajarito Mountain Ski Area. Besides, if the weather is good, be sure to visit Canyon Road, home to more than 100 studios of artists, and Plaza square, the spot for shopping, galleries, restaurants, and cafes. All in all, there is plenty to see and the city will surely take your breath away.

trees under gray sky during golden hour

Image: Unsplash

Miami Beach, Florida

The best place to get away from the daily hustle is to go to Florida and spend a weekend in Miami Beach. Sun-filled, sandy beaches in contrast to turquoise waters provide a unique sight and please the eye. Besides, if you get a rental car, you can spend a day in Miami as well. As for the attractions, be sure to visit South Beach, aka America’s Riviera, Ocean Drive, Haulover Park and for a bit of history Ancient Spanish Monastery.

gray pathway leading to parasol, lifeguard house, and sea a daytime

Image: Unsplash

Overall, if you are in the mood for a weekend getaway there are lots of great destinations to visit. Everything depends on the budget and interests of a tourist. Having identified what you prefer, be it the history or relaxation, you ought to choose the city and set out planning.

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