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5 Top Benefits Of Wearing Larimar Jewelry: Properties And Powers

by Abdus Subhan
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Last modified on May 26th, 2023 at 11:27 am

The color of the sky and the tranquility of the seas act as defining factors of the Larimar. Larimar jewelry will expose you to the rarest form of natural gemstone found only in a tiny portion of the world – the Dominican Republic (Caribbean Sea). With the healing powers of dolphins, this particular gemstone will help harmonize the soul, body, and mind, eliminating pain. 

Looking Into The Details Of Larimar Jewelry Stone 

Larimar stands as a Turquoise beauty with white patterns, commonly known as a blue stone, resembling the ray of Sunlight over the Caribbean waters.  Because it is a steady representative of the tranquility of water, you will find Larimar jewelry stones with a smooth texture. Emitting clarity that is transparent and translucent. Owing to its sleek and silky texture, you will naturally feel calm wearing one.    

On Moh’s hardness scale, the Larimar jewelry stone ranks 4.5 out of 5, making it difficult to cut. However, fibrous ingrowth offers it the strength to be used in jewelry. This particular is an ecstatic choice, found as a large cabochon gemstone. 

Properties & Powers of Larimar Jewelry Stone

Commonly believed as a calming stone, this variety comes from the silicate mineral family. Also, the same is known for bringing clarity of thoughts and eliminating self-sabotage behavior. If you find it difficult to express your opinions, wearing Larimar jewelry stones will help.  

Properties of Larimar Jewelry Stone 

The rare blue variance of pectolite comes with a serene blue color resulting from cobalt substituting calcium in the stone. You can find different colors: blue, green, light blue, and volcanic blue. All are covered with exclusive bands of white. 

Power Of the Larimar Jewelry Stone 

With immense healing powers, the Larimar stone is beneficial for healing the crown, heart, throat, and third eye chakra. Moreover, you can wear this stone for emotional, spiritual, and physical healing practices.    

5 Top Benefits Of Wearing Larimar Jewelry Stone

As a semiprecious jewelry stone, Larimar will help you stimulate the third eye chakra and get rid of the attached infinities. Also, there is more,

Helps You Relax And Heal

Take a deep breath and indulge in Larimar’s calming nature. Some define it as a spiritual stone to help you connect with the divine. At times, it also helps one heal from the burdens of past life relationships.  

Eliminates Negativity

Meditation with Larimar jewelry stone allows you to experience clarity of thought. It works as a powerful antidote to emotional negativity and bipolar disorders. Thus lessening your chances of getting attracted toward martyrdom.

A Great Physical Healer  

Placing the Larimar stone beads on a painful spot will immediately help you by drawing out the pain. Also, the same works best against throat and cartilage infections. Owning a Larimar stone will help you endure extreme periods of stress with absolute ease. 

Works As A Connector With The Other Realm

The purity of Larimar stones creates a harmony between the soul and the body, raising consciousness. Thus helping you to be at the pinnacle of self-realization, which people sometimes also address as being able to create angelic contact with other realms. 

It’s A Trauma Healer

Because Larimar stones are known for bringing equilibrium to thoughts, you can trust them to heal heart-related trauma. Also, this stone is known to replace a person’s joyful childlike nature and natural playfulness. 

How To Find Authentic Larimar Jewelry Stones?

Because it is rare and beautiful with immense healing power, counterfeits will confuse you against the original buys. It requires mindful scrutiny to find out the authentic one. But how?

  • The original Larimar will have a blue-green color and a white streak, emitting a unique vibe. In fake Larimar, you will notice a consistent shade of artificial blue.
  • If your stone is genuine, it will come with naturally occurring slight inclusions in the form of brown or black spots. 
  • Avoid buying stones with a harsh surface or that feel too rough because the original ones are polished to a high shine with no scratches. 
  • Because Larimar is a dense stone by type, the genuine ones will have a visible weight and be heavier than the artificial pieces. If the stone weighs too less, it is possibly fake. 

Qualities Of A Top-Notch Larimar 

Here are certain deciding factors of a top-notch Larimar:

  • These stones might comprise certain impurities, but on a closer look, there are fewer to no visual blemishes.
  • High-quality and top-notch Larimar stones might be dense but allow light to pass through.
  • Coming to the color part, top-quality Larimars pose a consistent blue color without fading out. 


With their rare find, exquisite charm, and incredible healing powers, Larimar jewelry stones have made it to the top of the most desirable possession. Wearing one will help you overcome unnecessary depressive thoughts of self-sabotage, leading to healing and ultimate peace.   

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