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5 Reasons Why Photo Prints Actually Matter

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Although digital technology advancements have transformed the way in which many people take, store and preserve their snaps, it’s highly unlikely that high-quality photo prints will ever truly go out of fashion.

Photo prints offer many benefits, even in our digital landscape where everything is shared in a virtual space. While it’s certainly fun to snap an image using a modern device, to really appreciate the art of photography it’s essential to be able to view it in a physical format. Professionally printed images show off technique, creativity and originality, while also evoking emotion and feeling. A physical print can capture all of this, and instantly bring cherished memories back to life.

1. Preservation

For centuries, people have used photography to capture the essence of life. The photographs that we take help us to remember people, places, events and objects that we love and value. We rely on photos to keep those memories alive for our future viewing pleasure and enjoyment.

High-quality photo prints preserve moments in time so that we can take a trip down memory lane simply by viewing them. The prints preserve our ancestral history so that we can share time with family through generations. A photographic relic of the past becomes a precious keepsake when it is preserved in the pages of a stylish and luxurious photo book.

2. Nostalgia

Many people have fond memories of sifting through a pile of photographs or flipping the pages of photo albums. With the turn of each page of printed images you can instantly evoke a feeling of nostalgia. Our journeys into the past are special moments that we cherish, especially in the later years of life.

Long ago, taking a photo was an exciting experience – for both the posing subject and the photographer. Having to wait days to develop the film and print the photographs also added to the thrill. Until you could hold the photos in your hand, you really didn’t know if any of the images that you captured were good enough for display purposes. The best photos were usually framed, or duplicated to share with family and friends.

Polaroid cameras allowed us to speed up photography, so that we could almost instantly view our artwork. Today, the Polaroid print remains a favourite of nostalgia lovers of the retro years. Every instant photo snapped created a unique piece of personal treasure to display in a photo album.

To experience nostalgia nowadays, you can choose to print your favourite photos in a variety of styles, types, sizes and finishes that beautifully complement your creative interior design displays.

3. Versatility

The most exciting part of the photography process is undoubtedly choosing how you want to bring your favourite images back to life. High-quality photo prints can be print onto more than just matte, double-thick matte or satin finish photo paper. Your favorite images can print directly onto canvas, metal or wood, so that you can easily create a sensational and unique piece of modern art.

You can also experiment with photo print size! While square and everyday prints are the most classic and popular, you can always downsize to 3.25 x 3.25″ or upgrade to larger proportions. Square printed photos are great for showing off your Insta-worthy images.

Your stunning printed images are suitable for many creative uses, including featuring them on save-the-dates and wedding invites, and the on the cover of a stylish and bespoke personalised photo album.

4. Legacy

Photographs on display at home offer reminders of happy days and a bygone age. The printed images that we choose to showcase are far more than pieces of trendy décor that simply adds detail and colour to our living space. Many people choose to display photos of their family as a legacy.

You don’t have to have a formal family portrait to create a lasting legacy for future generations, but it certainly helps. You can instead curate a gorgeous collection of images that capture milestone events, and that feature every member of the family, beloved pets included.

It’s a fabulous idea to create themed yearbook style photo books that you can fill with snap contributions from all family members. It’s also lovely to display an array of candid vintage and retro photographs that were shot by grandparents and other relatives. As photos age, the more value they have, as they record and preserve a fleeting moment in time that is important to a family’s history. A priceless collection of timeless legacy photos makes a unique arrangement that everyone can enjoy for many years to come.

5. Permanence

Your collection of print photos is most likely to store and preserved in the pages of photo books that you can easily access whenever you want to browse. You may also have multiple albums that date back through decades. Whilst your mobile device can easily store hundreds of images at one time, you’re less likely to want to cuddle up on the sofa with loved ones to view your favourite digital images on a tiny screen.

Unless you have printed copies of your favourite images, from your computer and mobile phone, there is always a possibility that you could lose them forever. Digitally stored photography offers many conveniences but no guarantee of permanence. High-quality photo prints on the other hand, protect and preserve your precious memories.

Our modern digital camera and inkjet printer technological advances allow the snaps that you shoot today to be print in a higher quality that offers permanence.

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