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5 Horse Racing Betting Strategies You Can Use in the Breeders Cup

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Horse Racing Betting Strategies

The Breeders Cup is happening soon, and if you want to have fun betting, then there’s no better time than now to refresh your mind on all the strategies you should use at the event. There will be a lot of fun there, especially since many big names in the industry will be participating in the event.

The Breeders Cup is the world championship of horse racing, so you can bet that there will be a lot of betting opportunities and payouts to be had there. And who knows, maybe after the event, you’ll go out with a few thousand bucks. Here are some horse racing strategies you might want to use in the upcoming Breeders Cup.

Matched Betting

If you plan to bet online for the Breeders Cup, we have something that might help you get guaranteed wins. Matched betting involves betting on a horse on a betting site and laying against it on another. Essentially, you’re betting on two betting sites for the horse to win and lose. The idea here is that by doing this, you will be guaranteed profit no matter if the horse wins or loses. It’s essentially zero risk since you’ll be winning either way.

The payout might be minuscule, but it’s a start. Also, this is optimal for people with little to no bankroll since you can use this strategy to build one or further pad out your bankroll. Doing this is simple. All you have to do is find two betting sites you trust. You should then find the horse and ensure the odds are the same on both sites. Once you see they’re equal, you can bet on the horse to win on that betting site and lay against it on the other.

The Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 system, erases the risk of losing because your horse lost. After all, it slowed down on the last stretch of the race. It’s fairly common in horse racing for a horse to come barreling down towards the finish line at the start, only to slow down on the last meters and get overtaken, being a runner-up instead. This system minimizes that risk, but how?

For example, you plan to bet $100 for a single horse. The next step you have to do is to bet $20 for the horse to win. And the other $80 will be for the horse to place instead. Essentially, you’re betting for two types of bets: the win and place. So even if the horse places on second instead, you’re still getting a profit.

Laying the Favorite

This one is quite simple. All you have to do is to lay on the favorite to lose. This might sound counterintuitive since favorites have the most chances of winning statistically, but in reality, we all know that numbers aren’t all that accurate. 

You see, favorites only win a third of their races, meaning that they only win one out of three races, so even though they have the biggest chances statistically, it’s still not a very good number. Not to mention that false favorites exist, which means they are favorites only by price but without any statistical backing.

Dutch Betting

Of course, we can’t talk about horse racing strategies without mentioning Dutch betting. This strategy is arguably the most popular horse racing strategy, after all. The idea of this strategy is to back multiple horses in one race and still profit even if only one of them wins. For example, let’s say you plan to make Juvenile Cup Bets.

You must find at least three contenders with good chances to win the race. You found #1 has 50%, #6 with 25%, and #7 with 25%. With $10, you can bet on the first horse for $5, $2 for the second horse, and $3 for the last. This way, if any of them wins, you’ll still gain a profit. Of course, the more horses that win, the larger your payout you’ll have, and if none of them win, then you get nothing. It’s like trying to hit a jackpot with three stones.

Place Betting

Place betting involves betting on a horse not to win but to finish high enough to place. This is optimal if you think a horse is a good contender but aren’t sure if it’ll win. With this bet, you’re simply picking a horse that you think will at least win in the top two.

For example, let’s say you’re betting on #4 for $10 to place with odds of 5/1. If the horse wins anywhere on the top two, you’ll be winning $50, which includes your original bet. It’s an easy strategy to get into, although it’s not as lucrative as the win bet.

Final Words

The Breeders Cup is here, and if you want to win big in that event, you might want to remember the strategies we discussed today. Using them lets you go home a few thousand dollars richer after the event. These strategies are easy, and they are effective in the Breeders Cup.

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