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3 Things To Know About Packing Services

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Packing Services

The packing process can be the most challenging part of a move. Hiring a moving services company can help ease the tensions by taking up the packing process. Here is what you should know about packaging services:

Full-range Packing Services       

Known as door-to-door relocation, full-range packing services involve hiring a packing company to handle all your belongings. It is a commonly used household relocation method.

These full-range companies will pack all sizes and shakes of items. You’ll only need to supervise them as they do their work. For easier identification and organization, they should mark and label accordingly.

Partial Packing Services

Packaging services for specific types of belongings are known as partial packing services. It can be electronics, crockery, or furniture service only.

Partial parking services give you control of the packing process while getting some help. It is used when you are unable to pack some of your belongings due to weight or special packaging.

Special Items Packing Services

Special packing services include packing items with some specialty. They can either be delicate, oversized, challenging to handle or unique items. This service allows careful handling of belongings that would otherwise be damaged.

Common special packing services include inventory moving, delicate items moving, vehicle moving, pet moving, artwork moving, and plant moving.

Per-room Packing Services

Per-room packing services offer packing for specific rooms in your household. It helps you reduce costs by hiring packing services for rooms that are challenging for you to pack up. This can reduce the packing time, but you are still involved in the packing process.

Unpacking Services 

Experienced movers help you settle in your new house hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about unpacking and arranging the items after the moving period. 

Consult with your moving services company to understand whether they offer unpacking solutions. This helps you select the services that are the best fit for your needs. It can help you manage your expectations when contracting the movers. 

Pricing for Packing Services

Moving companies price their services according to their packages and additional services. The prices of full house packing services vary depending on the size of the house, while partial services may charge per hour or expertise required. Carefully analyze your financial budget and choose a service that best fits your needs. 

You may pay more for packing services than if you did it yourself. The value of the services and expertise is worth the additional money spent on the packing company.

Additional Service Fees in Packing

Ask about any additional service they offer and how it affects your overall bill. Some companies may charge extra if they assemble or disassemble items like furniture, provide packaging materials, or use special packing tools or methods. Knowing these fees allows you to prepare adequately for the move. 

Consider the size and bulkiness of your items when packing. Consult your packing expert to inspect your items and verify how much they’ll charge based on the given rates. Some companies charge extra fees for larger or bulkier items because of the time and effort used when packing the items. 

If you have sentimental or fragile items like sculptures, artwork, heirlooms, glassware, and electronics, you may have to pay additional handling fees. These special and delicate things attract additional costs when packing because they are more susceptible to breakages. Have your packing company analyze your special category items for billing to estimate the additional costs. 

Preparing for Professional Moving Services

Before choosing a professional packing company, research to get experts specialized in handling your items. Verify their previous quality of work and clients to gauge their professionalism and expectations. Make sure they have the tools to move your items safely and efficiently. 

Work With Professional Moving Services

For the best moving experience, have a clear idea of the kind of help you need. Take time to evaluate the services offered by your movers in terms of packing category and pricing. This will help you get an efficient and obstacle-free move. 

Understanding the types of packing services, their pricing, and how to prepare for the move can lead to a smooth transition process. You should choose professional moving services that match your moving specifications and needs based on your furniture.

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