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20 Reasons To Do Your Yoga Teacher Training Course In India

by Syed Qasim
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So, you look a bit dazed with the sheer number of Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, being presented in front of you. And, you have every right to be dazed. The yoga industry is growing, and so is the competition. Nations across the globe are vying for attention and want to lure all the yoga enthusiasts, to their schools. However, India seems to be a top draw, as it has schools teaching yoga in its purest form. The diverse cultural and traditional settings are also worth mentioning, when it comes to India.

For the unversed, here you will read about twenty different reasons which can push you towards a course in yoga.

Why You Should Do Yoga Teacher Training in India?

  • India is the birthplace of yoga. That is one of the first reasons, why you should do yoga in India. It is the land of the Bhagavad Gita and the Puranas, all of which bear testimony to the storehouse of spiritual knowledge. However, other countries adopted yoga only since the last 200 years. You can study about yoga history in-depth in India, and nowhere else.
  • You will get to practice yoga amidst the natural landscapes, like the rivers, streams, hills, caves, and forests. Rishikesh is one of the places worth mentioning here, in the context of nature. You will find many schools, ashrams, and retreats as well in India.
  • When you practice yoga amidst nature, you will get to connect with the earth. Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is gaining a lot of importance today, in countries far afar.
  • Moreover, the locations where yoga is taught in India are remote and distraction-free. You can practice yoga without any disturbances. Some schools also ask students to leave mobiles and laptops in the rooms, before walking inside the yoga classes.
  • India is one of the most affordable places in the world, where you can learn yoga. All other places charge a huge amount. The cost of living in India is also extremely low. So, you get to save on food and accommodation, apart from transport. The school fees are also affordable.
  • You will be able to experience true yogic living at the yoga ashrams. The ashrams follow the ancient gurukul culture, where you emulate the actions of the Guru on a daily basis, and shadow him. So, ultimately, you start to sound like him.
  • India is the land of temples and you will get a chance to turn religious. So, if your form of worship includes deities and goddess, then you should visit all of them and also pay your respects.
  • You get to meet new people, who sound like you to a huge extent. The mind-set is also spiritual at its best. Some of you may form serious friendships that stay even after the course is complete. This is probably one of the reasons, why 200 Hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh has assumed such huge proportions.
  • You get to practice yoga under renowned Gurus. Since, India is the origin, there will be no dearth of sages practicing yoga and imparting true knowledge. The teaching environment will be less commercial, too.
  • You will get the chance to lead a Sattvic life. The schools in India offer yogic food that mainly comprises of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, yoghurt, juices, and teas. Moreover, the food which is cooked has healthy fats and natural condiments.
  • Apart from having Sattvic food at the ashram, you will be able to taste mouth-watering street food in the region. India is famous for all the street food, so you get a chance to enjoy too.
  • There are lots of sports facilities in and around the region as well. You can go for trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, water rafting, and many more fun activities.
  • Schools of yoga also take students on yoga excursions in and around the school. Some of the best spots are Kunjapuri temple in Rishikesh. Almost all the schools in Rishikesh take their students on yoga excursions on off days.
  • You can gain a certification at the yoga schools in India. Vinyasa Yoga Academy is one of the renowned schools offering yoga education with a Yoga Alliance certification. So, you get a foothold in the industry and stay ahead of the others.
  • You will be able to learn yoga in detail as a part of  the 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. The course comprises of the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of yoga. Moreover, the sessions come with practice and observations. These enhance your skills as a teacher.
  • You will gain the knowledge of yoga philosophy at the school, and that is what makes this education so special. The classical scriptures become your best friend.
  • You will be able to become more disciplined after completing the yoga course. The courses are so well-organized that you will gain confidence and a lot of skills that make you conscious.
  • A lot of different career opportunities will arrive at your door, after you complete the training in India. You can also get lucrative career opportunities across the globe. Your name goes up on the yoga directory, which fetches unlimited options for you, without you to look them up.
  • The place is safe as well, so you can learn yoga without any communal threats. Indians are very open-minded and hospitable.
  • Lastly, you will also get the chance to learn Ayurveda, which is the science of life. Ayurveda also goes back at least 5,000 years, so you get the arsenal ready for a career in wellness and holistic programs.

These are just twenty of the reasons, why you should head to India for a yoga course today. There are plenty more, and you can unearth them, once you enrol yourself for the course.

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