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101 Unusual Uses of Lvl Beam

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Lvl Beam

LVL stands for “laminated veneer lumber.” It is engineered wood that can be used in many different ways to build buildings and bridges. LVL beam, columns, and panels have become important parts of modern wood construction because of their benefits, versatility, and proven structural performance. Beams, columns, and panels made of LVL have become important parts.

LVL is made of thin veneers that are laminated together with glue made of phenolic that can stand up to the weather. This means that the size of the raw material does not limit the size of the finished LVL product. Even small-diameter logs can be used to make large LVL beams and panels. Also, this means that the size of the raw material doesn’t change the size of the LVL product in the end. When the veneer is made by peeling veneer logs, any natural flaws in the wood, like knots, break up and spread out across the veneer. This, along with the action of lamination, gets rid of flaws’ effect, making the material very uniform. With LVL, the same structures can be made with smaller dimensions, and LVL can also be used when the right sizes of sawn wood are unavailable. Even though the costs of making LVL and other engineered wood products are higher than those of making sawn wood, the advantages of using LVL outweigh the disadvantages.

With a three-tiered quality control program that includes a precise “Manufacturing Specification” that qualified workers follow, quality control teams with more than ten years of experience, and regular, detailed, and recorded testing in the lab on important quality standards. The use of HongCheng makes sure that the product is both good and consistent.

With our FSC TM (FSC-C145384) certification, we want to work with our friends from all over the world to make the world green and friendly to the environment, and long-lasting and peaceful. We pay close attention to every step of the process, from choosing the trees to loading the delivery truck to ensure that the materials for your order came from well-managed forests, were processed at skilled mills, and passed muster with our quality assurance teams. All of these details are taken care of by a group of dedicated people who are there to make sure your needs are met.

HC LVL has been made using a method subject to strict quality controls to meet the standards for structural LVL set by AS/NZS 4357. Benchmark does quality control audits by itself, and the company also certifies the quality of the product.

  •  Materials of grade F17 should be used for all long-term engineering and building projects.
  • A bond is stable and long-lasting even after being exposed to all kinds of weather for a long time.
  • The H2 standard can be used to treat plywood to make it more resistant to termites and rot.
  • The certificate number will be written on every single item we sell.

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