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10 Skills You Must Have to be Hireable as a Radiologist

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Hireable as a Radiologist

When seeking quality work as a radiologist, you must aim for jobs where you can further your skills, and advance your career. To score a top-tier radiology job, however, you must build up your resume to demonstrate how amazing your skill set is. With the right resume, you’ll easily stand out amongst competitors and come across as a highly hireable radiologist. To perfect your resume, here are ten skills you must have to be hireable as a radiologist:

1. PACS Knowledge 

Understanding PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) technology and specifics will be the most important skill for you to have as a radiologist. Without this knowledge, and a skill for navigating the system, you will be unable to successfully find work as a radiologist. Thankfully, your education that helped lead you to become a radiologist should have gotten you up to date with, and efficient with, the PACS system. This will become a key part of demonstrating your medical credentials to potential recruiters. 

2. Patient Care 

Knowing how to perform diagnoses, how to control sickness in patients, how to help them recover, and the maintenance needed to keep them comfortable during your time with them, are all essential patient care skills that all hireable radiologists must hold. Patient care extends to nearly all other skills on this list and will make the difference between you becoming a standard radiologist or one that becomes well-known and beloved within the community that you serve. 

3. Flexibility 

Without a flexible personality and professional demeanor, performing the myriad of tasks you’ll be taking on day-to-day as a radiologist will become difficult. However, remember to have flexibility when looking for work as a radiologist as well. Since you have a highly specialized skill set, you’ll gain more flexibility in discovering the perfect radiologist position for your professional and personal needs. 

4. Trauma Knowledge 

Understanding how trauma affects the body and knowing how to treat trauma without further harming your patient will help you excel as a radiologist. Knowing how to interpret the levels of trauma in a patient, and using the proper equipment to do x-rays and other tasks on them without injuring them further is a tricky skill, but one that is a must-have for all radiologists. 

5. General Hospital Skills 

If you’re looking to work in a hospital as a radiologist, you need a strong understanding of general hospital skills. If you’ve already worked in a hospital environment, emphasizing that on your resume is highly recommended. For those without prior experience, demonstrating that you understand the skills you’ll be perfecting in a hospital setting can provide a good alternative for your resume. 

6. Mammography Equipment 

Mammography is one of the key areas of work you’ll be dealing with during your day-to-day work as a radiologist. Operating digital mammography technologies, interpreting the results, and communicating them to both patients and co-workers, will help you become more hireable, and allow you to function during your daily work. 

7. IR Knowledge 

IR (infrared) knowledge is key to excelling at the other specialized skills we’ve mentioned on this list. Optics and IR knowledge often go hand-in-hand, and knowing how to support IR nurses and other IR specialists will allow you both to perform your duties effectively. If you’re working in a hospital setting, having adequate IR knowledge becomes especially important to demonstrate on your resume. 

8. Interventional Procedures 

Knowing how to handle interventional procedures to perform therapeutic and diagnostic procedures will help you excel at your radiology skills. While these procedures will often be headed up by more specialized medical professionals, knowing how to collaborate with them to make your radiology work effective is key. The way this skill demonstrates efficiency for collaboration will be incredibly useful to you as you seek out a quality radiologist position. 

9. MRI Skills 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) procedures are key to your work as a radiologist. These non-invasive, painless procedures use radio waves, computer technology, magnetic fields, and other highly-complex tech to help you detect medical issues within your patients. Being able to interpret MRI information, and diagnose your patients based on this info, will make you a highly hireable radiologist. 

10. Communication Skills 

Without strong communication skills, every other skill you hold will suffer. As a radiologist, you’ll be working with a diverse set of patients and co-workers, so being able to effectively communicate at all times will be essential to excelling at your work. Demonstrating your communication skills within any interview you have is highly recommended as well. 

Discover Your Dream Radiologist Job 

With enough work, you can find the perfect position for your personal and professional needs. A quality radiologist job will ensure you’re able to advance in your career and will help keep your day-to-day work feel more satisfying. Never settle for less than the best, and if you can demonstrate all these skills on your resume, you won’t have to.

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